How To Attract Money – Beware What You’re Exposing Your Mind To

Copyright 2006 Tania French

I started using the browser Firefox on my Mac recently. It automatically included a ‘Latest Headlines’ link.

Since I’ve sworn off listening, reading or watching the news, and have done so successfully for a couple of years, I decided to remove the link from my bookmarks toolbar.

So I took my mouse over to the ‘latest headlines’ link to drag it into the trash. As I clicked on it I saw a whole list of headlines pop up and decided to take a look at what people were being exposed to that day.

Just reading them gave me the chills. Here’s a sample.

Train crash kills 30 in Valencia Militants ‘killed’ in Afghanistan Murdured girl buried in Belgium Eight die in fresh Iraq bombings ‘Five killed’ in Sri Lanka blast 28-day terror limit ‘inadequate’ Paranoia appears more common

That last headline really summed it up. ‘Paranoia appears more common.’ Well, dah. How can you not feel more paranoid when your mind is constantly exposed to this barrage of negative news. Even occasional inspiring stories do not eliminate the stress of what makes up the news these days. Just like a few flowers growing in a dump site don’t get rid of the garbage.

Further more, when reading anything, you ‘HEAR’ the words in your mind, even though you’re not vocalizing them. Imagine the effect then that a news broadcast has as it brings these stories to life on TV. Just the sound itself is damaging your cells.

It boils down to getting a daily recipe for depression. A recipe that is totally preventative.

I also have to remind myself, that the brain does NOT know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. What you see and hear is what your mind accepts as your reality. The sounds and pictures you expose yourself to become who you are.

Pretty powerful. And, if you ask me – incredibly liberating. Because, YOU can decide what to expose your mind to. Just like physical exercise trains your body, inspiring words and sound literally rewire your mind.

Yes, my friend, there is a science to this. Good news is that it’s easy to focus on what makes you feel good. Especially if you’re exposed to ancient formulas for prosperity. You see, wealth has been created for eons. It’s just that most people don’t know how to go about attracting monee into their lives.

Instead of spending time surfing the internet, going to chat rooms and watching teevee, don’t you think it would be a good idea to create the life you’ve only dreamed about?

Me thinks so. And I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it.

Notice, I used the word “create”. That’s the only way to get off your buns and make changes. Your ability to formulate ideas is unlimited. Unlimited! Always remember, we live in a world of plenty. All you need is for your creativity to work For you.

Wake up to your incredible potential. You can be wealthy too. Leave all distractions for the couch potatoes. Become a doer and change your life right now.