How To Attract A World Class Brilliant Idea

So many of the worlds most wonderful creations started as a brilliant idea.

Now, many of these brilliant ideas were ridiculed at first.
Can you imagine what the bank said to Walt Disney when he went in for funding on a magical wonderland theme park that had never been heard of before?

You have the power to come up with the same brilliance my friend.

How…by starting to ask…
“gee, you mean just ask for a brilliant idea”?

Start today and ask the Universe for brilliant, lovely,
wonderful ideas.

Add the power of “thank you” to the recipe and watch your ideas manifest magically before your eyes.

Here are some examples to get your mind open to the needless possibilities:

*I am thankful I am open to receiving new and powerful ideas.
*I am thankful I am receiving fun, easy, ideas to make more money.
*I am thankful for attracting marvelous ideas to improve my relationships.
*I am thankful a powerful idea can get me out of any sticky situation.
*I am thankful there is a creative, fun, easy solution for every problem in my life and I am open to all ideas to transform my problems.

When the ideas start coming to you, accept them all, write them down, and honor them no matter how small.

I have learned by experience that their truly is a creative solution to every problem.

Gabriella, My angel guide (and the minister of finance)
says that one of the biggest ways people stop good things from
coming is to “poo-poo” an idea or slight increase in abundance
when it starts flowing. Statements like,

‘Oh, that’s just a little dribble”,
Or“Oh, that’s not much improvement”
And the biggest one of all…

It is almost like the Universe is teasing us, giving us a little bit of what we want to see how we align our energy and attitude.

If we “poo-poo” the little bit of improvement,
Believe me dearest hearts, we are not likely to see any more very soon..

I tell my students who take the “End Money Worries for Good”
class to be on the lookout for any improvement no matter how small.

Give your attention enthusiastically, emotionally to anything and it is going to grow.

If you cant’ get excited about just a little bit of improvement, “fake it”.

You can transform your energy by transforming you physical state.

Here are some wonderful, fun, exercises to help you do just that.

First, we need to realize that it is likely the pouty inner child that is throwing a fit about there not being enough.
It can also be the “inner critic” that tells you your ideas are not good enough.

Instead of beating yourself up for having those thoughts, we are going to love and comfort the part of ourselves that feels there is ‘Not enough”.

Get in a relaxed state Breathe deeply…

Tune in to that part of you who feels disappointed and left out, that small inner child who did not get their needs met.
That part of you that has been terrified you would not survive.

In your imagination hold, love and comfort that child.
Tell the child “thank you” for bringing me to this moment

Whisper loving words of comfort assuring them that there is enough and all is well.

Forgive yourself for taking so long to acknowledge this part of you.

Tell the child that all is well and we are home.
Move this feeling into the heart.

Here are a few more statements to help you accept and love yourself right now.

*I love and accept myself and my pouty Inner Child.
*I choose to allow myself to feel gratitude for every improvement.
*I choose to activate the energy of natural gratitude deep within my being,
*I choose to allow natural enthusiasm to come to me.

*I am excited to accept new ideas and fun easy ways to make my life extraordinary”.