How To Ask For A Raise: 3 Simple Steps To Get The Raise You Deserve

There comes a time in every employee’s life when he or she has to learn how to ask for a raise. Unless you go through this rite of passage, you’ll never be able to take your career into your own hands. You’ll be forever stuck with whatever salary your boss decides to give you.

Of course, the fear of approaching your boss is understandable. However, we’re talking about your life here. Money is necessary for survival. So if you’re ready to learn how to ask for a raise, read on.

Step 1: Evaluate yourself.

Before you go thinking about how to ask for a raise, ask yourself this question first: Do you deserve a raise? Why? How well do you perform in the office? Do you have a good record of accomplishment? How long have you been employed? What contributions have you given this company?

Think about your performance thoroughly because they are some of the things your boss will ask you to determine if you deserve a raise. If you don’t have reliable answers to these questions, then perhaps it’s not the right time for a raise yet.

Step 2: Set up an appointment.

If you’re 100% sure that you deserve a raise, the next thing you have to do is set up an appointment with your superior. Even though you both work within range of each other, you can’t just barge into his office and talk about money.

Show your boss how professional you are by scheduling a proper meeting with him or her. That should give both of you the time to prepare yourselves. And by preparation, make sure you know just how much of a raise you want.

Step 3: Prepare counter arguments.

If there are different ways on how to ask for a raise, there are also various ways of turning raise requests down. You have to be ready for whatever argument your boss decides to throw at you.

If the reason is the economic crisis, bounce back by saying that that’s one of the reasons you should be given a raise as well. If the reason is you haven’t earned the raise yet, show your boss what you’ve been up to and how you have contributed to the company.

Of course, not all bosses will give you a hard time about it; but it’s better to be ready for such tug of war conversations. Negotiation is key.

Right timing and planning are vital when learning how to ask for a raise. You have to be certain that you’re ready for a raise and that you can defend yourself when the need arises.