How to Approach your Crush at the Gym

Every man would like to have a beautiful, sexy girlfriend with a perfect body, with whom to be very proud and start the envy of all his friends. Let’s face it: there is no man on the street that will not look after an athletic body of a beautiful, attractive lady. But for many of them this remains only a dream because they don’t know where to meet this kind of woman and how to do it. The best place to meet a woman with an athletic body and in a very good shape is gym.

With the current attention being paid to healthy lifestyles, fitness has become a very important aspect of life today. That’s why more and more people decided to go to the gym. Let’s say that you are going to the gym for a long time and in the last days a new interesting girl is passing over here. She is very attractive and you would really like to know her better but you don’t know how to approach her.

Approaching a woman successfully is only one of the most stressful situation a man must face because you don’t know her, how she thinks, what she likes, and if she is friendly or not. But, if you make it carefully and know how to do it, you may have success. You may use these tips to approach your crush at the gym.

– first and the most important, if you want to be flirting with, don’t wear earphones, because it will inhibit her approaching you

– find something that you both do at the gym so you will be able to ask her advice about, or a machine that you both use, to have what to talk about

– you may talk to her about gym, sports, regimen, workout

– best way to start a conversation with her is to go to some machine near by her and ask if she is using it or not and just start talking afterwards

– first talk to her as a friend to see if she notice you

– use deodorant to make sure that you don’t smell bad, to not make a bad impression from the beginning

– try to catch her eye every time you see her and smile

– if she smiles you too you may approach her because she is interested

– pay attention and if she is having trouble with a machine or accessing an equipment you may offer your help in order to start a conversation with her

– you should try to get her phone number, but don’t look too desperate

– also you may try to bring an iPod with you and ask her if she knows a certain song

– if you decided to go near her and start a conversation you must know from the beginning what to say, so think first and then go

– accost her once she has just finished her set and ask if you can work with her, to make alternative exercises

– start to make accidental body contact

– when she is leaving you may say to her goodbye and ask her when she comes again, then she will have to talk to you next time she will see you

– you may ask her friendly for a cup of coffee somewhere near the club, you don’t have anything to lose

– spot her at the gym

– another important aspect is that you have to look very serious about your workout, so don’t stay and stare at girls; if she see that you are just fooling around she will notice that you are going to the gym just to date

Remember that you don’t have necessarily to become a personal trainer or to do yoga classes to get a beautiful lady which you’ve seen at the gym; you just have to take it carefully and know how to approach her.