How to Approach any Woman with Complete Confidence

For some men, approaching a woman is no big deal, they simply find someone they would like to meet, walk up to make an introduction, and soon, have a phone number or a date. However, approaching a woman is not so easy for everyone. If you are someone who would love to meet a nice woman but are petrified just thinking about it, then this article is for you.

Being confident in the way you approach a woman will have a direct impact on the results you get. For instance, if you walk up to a woman acting nervous, sweating, stuttering, or fidgeting, it immediately instills in her a sense of insecurity. On the other hand, a confident man makes a woman feel safe and secure, therefore they respond much better. Remember, if you do not feel 100% confident, you can still present yourself that way without her ever knowing the difference.

For starters, when you run into a woman you would like to meet, evaluate the situation before you approach her. This way, you can ensure she is not waiting for a boyfriend who has headed off to the men’s room or is with a group of girlfriends where approaching would be uncomfortable. Then, when you see an opening, a time when she would not be rudely interrupted, you want to stand tall, talk slow, and introduce yourself.

The best way to do this is with lots of practice. Do not think this is silly in that many men will practice at home before they head out to try the real deal. Think about the words that you want to say and then practice. As a part of this scenario, consider various responses, some negative, and some positive. If a woman appears disinterested, politely say, “Well I’ll leave you alone” and leave but if she responds in a positive way, you have the chance to engage in a conversation. Remember – be interested in talking to her and in listening to her so she will do the same.

Be realistic in your expectations, knowing that some women will be rude, some will ignore you, and some will turn you away without much thought. Now, you also need to know that some women will respond in a nice, lady-like manner, showing interest. Let us say you approached ten women and nine of them were not interested when you said your opening line but if one of them did, one is better than none is. While no one likes being rejected, it happens to men and to women so the more you can work on approaching various types of women the easier it will become and the more confidence you will gain.