How To Apply The Secret Law of Attraction

The Secret has been revealed to the world and Law of Attraction has been discovered by more people than ever before. The Secret has become best-selling self help book and DVD. The Secret means the Law of Attraction. According to the Secret, Law of Attraction allows us to design our life by using the power of thought. This concept might known by most people to be Mind Power.

More people have understood the Secret. However, it’s not easy to apply and manifest successfully using the Law of Attraction. Application of the Law of Attraction requires proper method because it involves changing the mindset. You must realize that you been creating your reality, consciously and unconsciously.
Law of Attraction does work and it’s been working all the time. You can use it right now to turn your dream life into reality. You’re born as creative creator and the Law of Attraction allows your mind to Create.

“Ask, Believe and Receive” are the Creative Process on the Secret. Anyway, here we have ten steps for you to apply the Law of Attraction and manifest your goal.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 1
Clear Your Mind For Attraction

You must find silent place, to keep your mind in peace. Peaceful mind makes the Law of Attraction work easier for you. Next, all you have to do is meditate for about five to ten minutes. Meditation makes your mind shift into positive state and being positive is important to attract or manifest using the Law of Attraction. If you want good meditation program, you can proceed to the link at the end of this article.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 2
Decide What You Want

You must be clear and confirm about what you want to attract or manifest using the Law of Attraction. Once you decide, you must focus on it. Do not keep changing your goal, otherwise Law of Attraction will give you only half results or maybe not at all. Your decision must be specific and never let anything that can change your focus and concentration. Law of Attraction requires constant focus on your request.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 3
Ask What You Want To The Universe

You can do this by thinking about it, yet I found out it’s not enough. To make your attraction stronger, you must write down about it specifically and detailed. It must be in present and be like you already attracted what you wanted. The Secret said you can begin by ‘I am so happy and grateful now that…’ and explain it in detail. You must write about what you want and not about what you do not want. Law of Attraction says you get what you focus. So write positive sentence and focus only on what you want.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 4
Visualize Having What You Want

Law of Attraction requires you to visualize by using all your senses. You must feel like you already have what you wanted. In this Law of Attraction step, your thoughts and feeling vibration must match with the same frequency of already having what you wanted. When it matches, the Law of Attraction will deliver it into your life because it’s the way you feeling. Law of Attraction doesn’t only work based on thoughts, it’s work based on feelings and visualization you generate. Remember the Universe understands energy, feelings and visualization. It doesn’t understand words.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 5
Express Gratitude To The Universe

Most important element in Law of Attraction. You have plenty things to be grateful. Look around you and yourself, find the good things and be grateful for it. According to the Law of Attraction, gratitude attracts more good things to your reality because it opens the way for the Universe to give more. Now, express gratitude as if you have gotten what you wanted.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 6
Release Your Desire

You have gone through all the Law of Attraction steps above. Now, leave your request to the Universe. Believe that it will be send and it’s already on the way to come to you. Never ever think about how it will come. The how should be let to the Universe. The Law of Attraction doesn’t reveal how it will give you want you’re trying to attract, it will find it’s own way. It happens in the Universe consciousness.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 7
Always Feel Good – And Be Positive

You must be aware of your thoughts every moment or if you cannot do that, you can do it the other way around, by monitoring your feelings. You must feel good. Based on Law of Attraction rules, If you feel good, you will be in positive of receiving what you want. You should not have doubt on your request to the Universe. If you do, replace it very quickly with the feelings of having what you wanted and be grateful for it. Your negative thoughts must be stopped by changing how you’re feeling. Be grateful for the goods you have and you will feel good instantly.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 8
Be Patient To The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has no rules in time. So, you cannot get the answer to when you will get what you want. So, keep working on the manifestation. You have to believe and have faith in Universe.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 9
Let The Law Of Attraction In

You must allow Law of Attraction to deliver what you want to you. You might get inspired to do certain action. Look at the chances that could allow you to get what you want. The Universe and the Law of Attraction will speak to you through intuition. By the way, always think wise when you are taking the opportunities or chances.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Step 10
Receive From The Universe

Once you received what you wanted, enjoy it and express your gratitude to the Universe for allowing the Law of Attraction to deliver to you what you wanted.