How To Almost Instantly Double, Triple And Even Quadruple Your Sales Conversion! Part 1

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Would you like to know how to almost instantly begin doubling, tripling… and even… quadrupling your sales and profit margins?

You would?

Okay, how about I show you how to do it at virtually zero cost?

Does that sound even better to you?

But wait! Not so fast!

Before I get into the “secret” to doubling, tripling, and as much as quadrupling your sales and profit margins… it is instructive that you burn this next “head straightener” sentence into your mind…

The businesses that are most successful are those businesses that charge high-prices, and know how to SELL their product or service!

Listen: If you want a profitable and fun business you cannot afford to screw around chasing after El cheapo, price shoppers who know the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Why would you want to anyway? Especially when it is just as easy to sell a high-ticket item to somebody who values what you are selling… as it is to sell a low-ticket item to some deadbeat who wouldn’t know value if it bit him on the ass.

Why so?

Simple: Because price is a perception of value!

And perception of value is not fixed… nor has it much to do with actual value. That is why great salespeople have almost no regard for price. No. What a great salesperson is infinitely more interested in and focuses all their energy on… is… how can they “elevate” the perceived value of their product or service in the mind of the prospect.

You know, this reminds me of a story I once heard about a guy who approached legendary marketer / copywriter Gary Halbert about a seemingly high-priced product he was about to launch. He asked Gary, “Do you think people will pay $xx for that product.” Gary’s reply was short… but… hit the nail right on the head. He said, “I don’t know. How good is the sales letter?”

Amen to that!

Look… a piss poor sales message forces you to charge piss poor prices!

And there ain’t no fun in that!

On the other hand… a kick-ass sales message enables you to charge King-Kong prices!

So… what is perhaps the single best way to up the perceived value of whatever you are selling (and hence charge higher prices)?

Thought you were never going to ask!

Okay then, I guess I’d better tell ya’.

A proven way to up the perceived value of whatever you are selling and dramatically increase your profit margins is what I like to call…

The “Pile-On-Technique”!

What is more, the “pile-on-technique” is a great way to overcome people’s natural resistance to being sold… and… motivates them to buy right away.

In simple English here’s how it works: In your sales message you lead the prospect to the point of frothing at the mouth for your product… and then… just as the prospect expects you to hit them for the big bucks you switch gear.

Instead of telling the prospect the price as they are expecting you to, you surprise them by offering even more compelling reasons why they should order your product.

This is where the “pile-on-technique” comes in. And it’s a bit like baiting your hook. As the late copywriter, Robert Collier said, “When you want to land a fish, you bait your hook with something the fish likes. When you want to land orders, the same principle applies.”

And, the more you can give the prospect what they want, the more orders you will get. It’s simply a matter of appealing to people’s natural, inborn greed!

Now, the very best way to do this is to include a FREE BONUS and preferably many free bonuses if they order your product.

Truly, including free bonuses is the most powerful way to increase your sales and profit margins.

Naturally, the free bonuses should relate and tie-in with your main product. For example, if you were selling an Ebook titled: “How To Land The Job You Really Want… Even If You’ve Flunked Every Interview You’ve Ever Attended!” then a good free bonus could be a report titled: “37 Sneaky But Totally Ethical Ways To Get Potential Employer’s To Call You!” See how they tie-in together?

The reason FREE BONUSES are so effective is because everybody wants something for FREE. See how the word FREE leaps off the mage and grabs your eyes? Everyone is drawn to that word. And, except for a persons name it’s the most powerful… and persuasive… word in the English language.

The only exception to free bonuses – (also called “premiums” by marketers) bumping up sales is this…

If you can’t sell something on its own merit you can’t give it away!

To Be Continued…

Dan Lok