How to Achieve Ripped and Cut Arms – Biceps and Triceps

There is nothing better than having big guns. Our arms the most seen part of our body, and the one thing secret or openly every weight lifter would like are those big, ripped, biceps and triceps that fill out the sleeves to our shirts. A nice horse shoe would look great as you flex your triceps muscles. So, how do we get ripped huge arms? Though most people want great looking arms, they lack the understanding of how to train them effectively.

Three things are very important to understand in how to build ripped huge arms. The first is that your biceps and triceps are considered small muscle groups. The second is the biceps are used in some facet in all pulling motions, and third that triceps are taxed in all pressing or pushing movements. It is important to understand how you are stimulating your biceps and triceps before you even get to isolated bicep and triceps exercises.

Because your biceps and triceps are a small muscle group and used in all upper body movements they need less direct isolation than people think. How many people have you seen who complain about the size of their arms and are doing endless bicep curls and triceps pressdowns.

One of the biggest pressing movements the bench press engages the triceps throughout the entire movement. It is the triceps that often fatigue before the chest muscles ever give out. When you look at the weight and stimulus of a bench press as compared to a triceps extension, you can see overwhelming load stimulating your triceps with a bench press.

Serious ripped arms comes from consistent intense effort in big back and chest movements. Muscle mass is a total sum gain and the bigger the weight and movement the bigger and more ripped the entire body gets. You will get a more ripped and defined triceps focusing on big chest movements than ever doing tons of triceps isolation movements. The best part is you will get a better chest as well.

Important for developing defined muscles is the fatigue factor. Often by the time you get to isolation exercises like curls and extensions, your biceps and triceps are already fatigued and don’t have very much force output. We then by performing extra exercises on our smaller muscle groups send our triceps and biceps into overtraining which decreases performance of all strength training exercises.

Don’t forget about your diet plan. If you are going to train hard you need to refuel your body for recovery and growth. That means eating carbohydrates as well. The #1 issue in most muscle development diets is too much protein and not enough carbs. For most weight lifters it isn’t hard to get their protein shakes in. The problem lies with the fact that your entire strength workout requires 100% carbs for energy. If you don’t have the complex carbohydrates stored in your muscle cells you lack the energy need to train at your max. You will always be coming up short with your results.

One more thing about diet, taking an Arginine supplement or Nitric Oxide supplement will support you in achieving larger arms. L-arginine is converted in nitric oxide (NO, NOX) in the body so many products use either Arginine or NO interchangeably. There is some debate to whether NO gives your muscles a pump look, which some swear by and others don’t see the instant difference. What isn’t a debate that Arginine is the amino acid that supports optimal oxygen levels in your blood stream. More oxygen means more energy for more intense workouts which leads to bigger arms, and more oxygen means greater removal of harmful toxins that destroy your muscle cells. Whether it gives you a pump or not taking a nitric oxide booster will give your muscles and workouts a needed kick.

Copyright (c) 2007 Charles Carter