How the right beliefs lead to success

In the past years I kept reading stories about successful people all around the globe who managed to achieve success even though they started from scratch.
While the life fields that those people succeeded at were so different but there was some common thing between them all.
All of those people used to think the same way exactly! If this proves anything it would show that one of the factors that directly affect our level of success in life is our belief systems.
How the belief system of a successful person looks like?
So what kind of beliefs do those successful people share?
1) External locus of control: Every successful person in the world believes that he is in control of his life and he rarely blames an external factor for his failures. Those people don’t believe in luck or the unfairness of life but instead they know that they can change their lives to the better even if they were facing lots of obstacles.
2) They don’t ever give up: When you read about the success stories of successful people you will find that most of them didn’t succeed before tens of failed attempts. The person who succeeds in life is the one who always knows that success happens after lots and lots of failures. Thomans Edison failed 999 times before he managed to invest the lamp!
3) They believe in themselves: You might wonder how can a person keep trying and trying even though he is failing? Simply that person didn’t give up because he believes in himself. All successful people believed in themselves and that’s why they kept trying even though they were failing. The founder of KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) travelled to four different states trying to sell his secret recipe which was rejected hundreds of times before he managed to find someone to accept it.
4) They are committed to actions: Some people are dreamers. They keep talking about their big plans without ever starting on any of them. Successful people are doers and they hardly procrastinate. They understand how precious time is and so they stay committed to their plans all year round.
So how can you become successful?
In simple words, change your belief system so that it matches the belief system of successful people!
Of course it’s not as easy as it sounds. In order to change your beliefs you need to keep an eye on your self talk for it’s the most common factor that results in the change of beliefs. Whenever you find your self talk supporting negative beliefs change it to positive self talk.
As the time passes your beliefs will change and you will start thinking like successful people.