How the Nintendo Wii Won the Console Battles

The three newest video game consoles, the Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and Nintendo Wii waged a fierce battle in 2006 to see which console would outsell its competition. The Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 were both geared for serious gamers and touted high definition graphics and the best selection of games suited for this demographic. The Wii on the other hand was designed totally differently and Nintendo wanted to attract people of all ages and skill levels to its new console. Nintendo priced theWii hundreds of dollars lower than the Play Station 3 and included Wii Sports with the console to show off the control capabilities. The Wii’s graphics were lacking compared to the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 but they were still better that Nintendo’s last system and what the Wii lacked in graphics it made up for in innovation.

The Nintendo Wii outsold both other consoles and while the excitement of the Play Station 3 died down quickly after most serious gamers got their console, the demand for the Wii went on well after the release date and retailers had a hard time keeping them in stock for months. The reason that the Wii outsold the competition is because of the new approach Nintendo took when designing the console. Instead of just improving their old system with better graphics and a faster console like Sony with the Play Station 3 and Microsoft with the Xbox 360, Nintendo struck out to totally redesign the way video games are played. They wanted to get everyone involved and appeal to the masses buy reinventing the way video games are controlled and adding fun features everyone could enjoy.

The controller for the Nintendo Wii is unlike any other video game controller. Instead of pushing buttons and moving a joystick, the Wii remote, which resembles a TV remote, is moved around and the Wii console registers the movement. By swinging your arm or flicking your wrist you controlled the action. This innovative way of playing drew millions of people to try, and then buy the Wii because it was so innovative and fun. Serious gamers could enjoy the new way of playing and people who had never played video games before could pick up the Wii remote and play too. The idea to appeal to as many people as possible proved to be a good one as the Wii became the most popular of the three new consoles.

The Wii also had cool features built right in like creating Mii’s and interactive channels on its menu. Players can create little 3D people that look just like them, and then play games on the Wii using their likenesses. The Wii menu also has cool channels that let players see the news, weather, view photos, and buy vintage Nintendo games to play on the Wii. While each game system has its fans, the Nintendo Wii surprised everybody by coming out ahead. The Wii’s cool features and the innovative game play made the Wii the most popular new game console and with so much success, the Wii is sure to stay on top.