How Strong Is Your Foundation?

When it comes to buildings, many of us know that in order for the structure to last, it has to have a strong foundation. You wouldn’t want to build a house on quicksand! Well, the same concept applies to having a happy, fulfilling life. In order to be happy (consistently), you have to ensure that your foundation is strong.

One aspect of a strong foundation is to have a consistent connection to your Soul. It’s about realizing that you are far more than just the sum of your experiences. You are not just a woman. You are a goddess – an infinite, divine being.

Just because you’re a goddess, however, doesn’t mean that you know it or always feel like it. In fact, most of us forget just how special we really are. We believe that something is wrong with us. We believe that we are not good enough. We believe our worth is tied to what we do, what people think of us, or our social status. Well, that’s bullsh-it! These statements, my friends, are evidence of cracks in your foundation!

Developing a connection with your Soul helps you to remember the truth – that you really are so magnificent and beautiful, courageous and compassionate, loving and strong.In a word, PERFECT! No, I’m not denying the fact that you will make mistakes and occasionally hurt people. You are, after all, human. But, you are not just your mistakes! And your mistakes and mishaps are not without purpose. Each mistake or mishap that occurs in your life presents an opportunity for you to grow closer to your Soul and remember
your divine essence.

Here are some tips to help you strengthen your connection to your Soul:

  • Set an intention to connect with your Soul.

    Intentions are powerful because they give you a clear goal of what you want to accomplish.

  • Talk to your Soul. Ask it to show you how you can feel stronger and more grounded. Talk to it like you would a friend – in a natural, casual way. If you ask questions, remember to take the time to listen to the answers as well.
  • Embrace solitude. Carve out a few minutes each day to just BE. Be still. Be quiet. Let this stillness become a portal for you to receive any additional guidance or messages you need to hear.

If you are not used to connecting with your Soul, then start slowly. It is a relationship, and as with any relationship, it takes time to get to a place of comfort and trust. But, do stay committed to developing this relationship. The rewards will amaze you!