How Stress Affects Business

Our lives are full of must dos and past dues. With our busy schedules requiring more and more of our personal and business time, the stress levels at work can not only affect our work outputs but our personal lives as well. When the effects of stress on business leave the office, it is time to deal with that stress head on. More and more people are looking to the alternative choices of medicine in order to deal with their stress and keep their lives on an even plane.

According to the Institute of the Future in Menlo Park, CA, 71% of workers in the white-collar sector of business feel stressed by their work demands and the information they are forced to deal with in their businesses. Sixty percent of the same class of worker feels overwhelmed by these duties. Life in business does not have to be this stressful and the worker needs to learn to take control of their own stress filled lives.

With so many people being affected by stress in the workplace, how are those who live life in the business world supposed to deal with the stress and learn to leave those edgy feelings in the office? Three of the most popular choices in alternative medicine include hypnosis, TFT and somatic coaching.

Hypnotherapy is the grandfather of all alternative medicines. The emotions we show every day are created in our minds. These emotions often place walls in the mind preventing the healing process from occurring. Even after leaving the workplace, things that once relieved stress now have a dull effect on your life. Hypnosis allows the hypnotherapist to find those walls, remove those walls and penetrate the cause of the stress. Once the causative factor is revealed the healing can begin.

Hypnotherapy to relieve workplace stress is a safe and effective way to calm those nerves. At the heart of hypnotherapy is self healing. Once the stress relief begins, the hypnotherapist will teach the patient how to use the mind to clear all angst causing thoughts and retain control of their feelings, even in the most stressful of situations.

TFT, or thought field therapy, is a relative newbie in the alternative medicine stress relief world. At the heart of thought field therapy is the art of tapping in to the energies supplied by the body from within. These energies are great and have the ability to heal just about any condition. Stress relief must start from within with positive energies and healing thoughts and TFT provides just that.

Somatic coaching, on the other hand, works in a bit of a different manner from hypnosis and TFT. The word somatic has a root meaning of “the living body in its wholeness” and that is exactly how somatic coaching can work in a business sense. By bringing the body forward and training the stressed business person to see their life and their body / mind as a whole entity, somatic coaching focuses on the fact that we have built our body out of our life experiences and thus need to change the entire body in order to relieve stress.

Dealing with stress in the workplace is about more than yearly pay cheques and reported profit margins. It is about saving the health of the workers and thus improving the overall business experience. If the business persons in your field are stressed to the extremes, you can guarantee one of two things will happen. They will quit the job, or fail to produce to the levels they would if they were not stressed. Calm can go a long way in life and business.