How Sponsoring MLM Distributors Gets Easier By Following A Few Simple Steps

When I first got involved in the MLM industry, I went through a time of massive struggle and disappointment. Even though I was carefully following instructions, nothing I did seemed to work the way it was supposed to. The harder I promoted, the more I worked, and the more money I spent just seemed to bring me more frustration. Sponsoring MLM distributors just seemed impossible for me to do.

That’s why I wrote this article – I want you to have success right now and save yourself years of struggle, frustration, and despair. After five years of hard work and persistence, I finally began sponsoring MLM distributors into my team at will. This information will put you on the fast road to sponsoring success.

So how do you sponsor as many reps as you can handle into your team?

I am going to give you five instructions that you can apply right now, and in 90 days you’ll be sponsoring 1-3 people per day:

1. The first thing we’re going to do is change your focus to the same area that the 2% of the most prosperous people in this industry place their attention. The first, and most important priority in this business that will have you sponsoring MLM distributors FAST is relationship-driven listbuilding. So ALL we’re going to focus on for the next 90 days is listbuilding. No cold calling, attacking friends and family, or recruiting your relatives allowed. (There are a LOT of ways to do this, but by far the best is through Internet marketing – more on that later)

I’m serious here. No cold calling. No talking to friends and family. No hotel meetings for 90 DAYS.

2. The second thing – let’s stop purchasing massive amounts of courses, books and seminars. For now, let’s spend available money you have on sponsoring MLM distributors FASTER than you can imagine. Also, to focus on listbuilding, it is essential that you stop getting distracted from what the endless ‘super-gurus’ think you should do with you money.

3. Set up a personally branded internet marketing system, with your videos, audio messages, and training to educate people on your company, or on this industry. Stop using your uplines websites, and promoting other leaders online, because it will never lead to the influence and success you deserve. Your system needs to promote YOU as the leader – or people won’t want to be involved in your business – they’ll want to be involved with your leader. Also, you don’t want to spend a lot of time building websites in the beginning – it takes too much time that would be better spent in promoting. The end result we’re after, after all, is sponsoring MLM distributors into your downline. If you take all of your energy and put it into website design and writing code you’ll never have enough creativity and energy left to succeed at your business online. There are custom systems available that are WAY better than anything you’ve probably ever ran into in your life.

4. Fourth, you want to set up a marketing funnel that makes you money even if nobody joins your business through affiliate marketing. It takes time to develop enough quality relationships to start sponsoring 20-50 people into your MLM on autopilot, and the best way to make money in the mean time is to offer valuable products, services, and education FOR PROFIT to your list. If you offer significant value, you’ll start building a business relationship with your list, and gaining their trust. Affiliate marketing will give you credibility and profit that you can use to keep building your list to greater and greater heights.

5. You need to decide that you will put your shoulder to the wheel and WORK for the next 90 days to create the massive surge in leadflow that you need to make your business fly. It’s ok if you don’t understand how to do it yet – over the next 90 days make sure you learn that ONE SKILL. Just think of what your wallet will look like if you have 50 people per day contacting YOU in 90 days wanting to learn more about what you do. How would that change your life?

You need to focus on those 5 points right now – so don’t get distracted! By following my recommendations, you’ll be putting yourself above the crowd, and sponsoring MLM leaders so fast into your downline that it will be ridiculous.

I believe in you. Now go for it.