How Public Speaking can Enhance Your Life, and Your Business

That’s the fact of 21st century life we have to face. The kernel of great public speaking is the desire and the ability to transmit your information
to a group.

If you cannot communicate verbally with one person, you’re not going to be able to communicate with a crowd: even when that crowd is seven of your work colleagues or your family and friends.

Most of the people who attend my seminars or who seek one-to-one coaching are not public speaking professionals. Of course if you’re addressing an audience of thousands and your topic is general, you have to aim for the key to splendid presenting: you have to keep your information transmission clear and simple.

Just as if you were speaking to one, intelligent and eager-to-hear person of about twenty-seven. In my Public Speaking Success e-Program ( I’ve spelt out the sort of preparation you need to do. If, after doing that preparation you’re satisfied that that person will get your message and take the action you want….you’re ready.

If your work or your study requires presentations to the class, or regular presentations to clients, the benefits of improving your presentation skills are so obvious I won’t insult
your intelligence by going through them here.

I’ve listed at a very basic level the sorts of benefits I perceive for different, but sometimes overlapping, groups of people.

1. Full-time fathers, mothers or others who care for children:

First, thank you for doing the most important but mainly unpaid job in the world, caring for children. Secondly, improving your public speaking skills will benefit you when you:

* Face the challenge of negotiating the use of your own telephone from your adolescent daughter, or sometimes, your adolescent son. If you succeed there, please apply for a top job at the United
Nations. The world needs you!

* Need to explain your point of view to teachers at kindergarten,school.

* Attend any public meeting where you want to feel confident and competent enough to ask questions of the speaker. That’s particularly the case when asking a question requires you to go to the microphone.

* Your very best friend’s husband asks you to propose the Toast at her 40th birthday.

* Are ready to return to the world of paid employment and you need skills to present your abilities in a job interview.

* Do some part-time work and want to approach the boss for an increase in salary.

2. Store owners or business people selling your own products or services:

Public speaking is one of the biggest single ways to build credibility for you, your products, services and your business.

For instance, let’s say you’ve set up a business in heating and cooling products. Part of that business is that you advise about the best and most energy-efficient way to heat your house in winter and cool it in summer. There are many radio stations that run talkback programs and provide general advice to their listening public. If you’re willing (and able) to offer to speak on one of
those programs, you will automatically gain the reputation as an expert in your field. When you’re introduced, you are also getting free advertising.


The people who have a regular radio spot advising on their area of interest and expertise – animals, Law, gardening, relationships etc – they’re not just getting free advertising, often they’re being paid to be there. Talking about their favourite topic!

At the moment, you may think that that’s a remote possibility. All those people once thought exactly that. How many Veterinarians do their study thinking they’ll be on the radio! Even if you don’t end up with a plum radio job, you can promote your credibility and your business by giving talks at schools, Rotary, the Soroptimists, your favourite charity.

You can even establish your own information-based seminars. If you’re a Lawyer/Attorney, you can run a free seminar on coping with divorce, writing a Will, selling your house, or any topic of
general interest. But only if you’re as good a public speaker as you need to be.

Building credibility through public presentations means building your business.

Even if you’re ultra confident about public speaking, my free MP3 Relax on Cue is a great extra tool to help you be more relaxed about everything life has to offer. It’s on the home page of my website, OR Copy and paste this link to download it. To your continued happiness and success