How Parallel Thinking can Improve Creativity

Are you familiar with the Six Thinking Hats? If not, this article will help you understand what it is and its concept about. Actually, this is a thinking method that was formed by Edward de Bono. The objective of this technique is to view issues from various standpoints or angles. It drives us to go beyond our normal thinking approach and build a more pleasing outlook of a certain situation.

This method is made popular because of the term parallel thinking. Normally, the way we think is a bit disorganized because it is free-flowing. With parallel thinking, we can expect for a great improvement in our imagination and creativeness. This is because it encourages an individual or members of a team to view things in a new perspective. In this way, you get to have the opportunity to discover new ways thereby allowing you to learn new clever ideas or solutions that you never thought of before.

The concept of parallel thinking gives you greater freedom and profundity of thinking since you are pushed to take a look at a certain situation in one direction or angle. As a result, there is a reduction of discussion and arguments.

You see, parallel thinking is a thinking approach that splits individual as well as group thinking. This brings about considerable boost in the effectiveness and value of the thinking development. Thus, parallel thinking facilitates a great behavioral change beyond the usual way of thinking of people.

Generally, parallel thinking offers numerous advantages to man. These advantages specifically pertain to the following:

• Better decision-making efficiency
• Great level of involvement
• Well-rounded exchange of ideas and judgment
• Cleanse our thoughts
• Reduced time in making decisions or holding a meeting
• Everyone is encouraged to participate

As a matter of fact, there are a number of organizations who found out that parallel thinking through the Six Thinking Hats can enhance communication in various settings or situations. Another great advantage of it is that it is very helpful in different organizations all over the world by improving the merger incorporation and other principal procedures. Using this approach you can come up with a more viable solution. The meeting procedure is also reduced by up to 75% if the Six Thinking Hats method is applied correctly.

Essentially, the parallel thinking approach is used efficiently in these activities:

• Teaching everyone to become focused.
• Group facilitation
• Boosting up the productivity of the team, interaction, and office lifestyle.
• Lets everyone think the same without losing the variety of outlooks or vision.
• Promotes inventiveness and creativity
• To solve problems
• Organize ideas

So, if you want to improve your sense of creativity, parallel thinking is the answer to your problem. If we can deepen the level of our thinking, it is expected that our actions will also have some progress. Creative thoughts are usually brought about by parallel thinking. You become more clever and resourceful because of this thinking method. So, if you plan to do parallel thinking, you are most likely after the result, which is to exercise you mind.