How Not To Lose Weight

You are looking down and to your dismay there is nothing to see, the horizon is too high. Well you can still use the mirror but do you really want to?

Don’t feel alone, we all go there at some time or another, some return and some just never do. But that choice is fortunately up to you and unfortunately only you. Losing weight is by a mile the most difficult thing to do.

Fisrt there is the thinking phase, and then it will take a week or two, maybe more before you have a hard talk with yourself and gather enough courage to say, “I can do this, I will be lean and sexy for the summer season”. In your haste to get on with it you run for the fridge, grab a carrot and start chewing.

While chewing your brain sends you small pictures of what else you saw in the fridge, oh yes tonight we are having chicken with a white wine cream sauce. The carrot soon becomes rather tasteless while you hop around the house like a bunny rabbit. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to start, or maybe Monday when it is a fresh new week.

The weekend goes by and you eat at least one extra portion per meal just to be able to remember what the good days were like before descending into the diet. On Sunday you force yourself into the car, go down to the grocery store to buy the food you will be devouring for the next few weeks.

Carrying your shopping bags to the car they feel so much lighter than usual and the awful thought crosses your mind, will this really last one week or just one hour. This is what the book said so better keep to it.

Monday was reasonable, there was still enough food left in your system from Sunday so all seems to be in order and going well. Tuesday of course you have to walk into kitchen while the bacon and eggs are frying, they just look and smell so much nicer but your target is the fridge, yes the fridge, and strongly you go grab your daily share food.

On Wednesday however it is pizza night, double cheese and pepperoni and all the goodies that makes pizza so bad. But there is tomato in pizza right, so it should be healthy?

While everyone else enjoys their meal you are merrily chewing on your carrot, maybe for sweets you have some tasteless low fat yogurt. You are strong, it has been three days of hunger and you are feeling so much lighter. Gathering up the courage to see how many pounds have already gone you get on the scale. There is no change. “For how long must this go on” you ask yourself and head over straight to the pizza box in the kitchen only to find it empty.

This predicament we all find ourselves in when trying to lose that extra weight that has the uncanny ability to cling to our body on all the places we don’t want them to be in the first place.

The main problem with trying to lose weight is our lifestyle and the environment in which you live. That is also why certain diets will work for certain people and not for others. To decide which form of dieting will work for you take a good look at the people around you and how their eating habits will influence your possible diet. In some cases it will be easy in others not so easy. If you are working and have a family you will be at the short end of the stick, they do not share your passion for the diet.

Other simpler forms if dieting might be the answer for you, where it is still possible to eat normally and have a normal lifestyle while addressing your weight loss problem. Take it slow and do not blast your body into the next dimension, take your time and follow the rules while still living your life.