How Not To Fail In Your MLM Business and Come Out On Top.

For Four Years I struggled in MLM until I had a leap forward and left the MLM Industry.

Ever have a preminition that you had big plans for your life? It’s like someone or something inside you just drives you from within. This was a force, pulling to towards your dreams. Knowing it’s good you follow the feelings down a road that is unfamiliar, yet it feels right.

If this sounds like you, it’s because it is. You see, you and I are not that different at all. We both have dreams, goals and aspirations. We both have a no quit way of thinking and are enthusiastic to sacrafice on the front end to take pleasure in the fruits on the other end.

I put aside a lot of the things I loved to do my first years in Network Marketing. Some of the things I put aside where time with my family, taking money out of my family budget and spending it on tools, business functions and weekly meetings. I was very attentive to follow a game plan to the “T”, though I never had visible signs of success.

Most folks associate success with money. I did too. Until I realized one of the secrets. Want to know what is was?

I was the secret. People never run downin value. I realized that though I hadn’t made any significant money, I had read books than anyone I knew, I had shown more plans than anyone on my team and I had worked on my positive mental attitude more than most would ever bother to.

All of those supposed “Failures” were actually success disquised as something else.

I was taught a very old school way of recruiting people into business. Talking to friends, family and strangers about my business was the way I was taught to launch my new MLM business. I trained myself to talk to anyone with a heartbeat. After years of doing this, I sponsored about twenty people in business but no one was ready to duplicate what I did. You see, I was chasing people and it freaked folks out and once they got in, they knew what I had done to get them in and it must have scared them.

Let’s fast forward a little over a year. I finally learned how to market online using state of the art systems and cutting edge tactics to recruit new business owners and build a team.

Today it is much different. Now I have people calling and chasing me. I have people calling me wanting to join my team. Why? Because I have branded and positioned myself as a leader online. This is much different than the results I was getting years ago. Now I only talk with professionals, not tire kickers.

This is what most people fail to do. They get all excited because they just joined this awesome business. They think they have the greatest thing since sliced bread, talk to everyone they know and no-one gets in. A Month later, they are out of business. Why? Because they failed to realize what 97% of people who get started in the network marketing world deal with. They have no godly idea how to market.

It’s outlandish. 175,000 folks a week are getting started the network marketing or MLM business. Three percent of those folks will have any success. And Why you ask? Take a guess.

So the question you should be asking is, how do I learn to market online? So glad you asked…. The Answer…Education. Well why not earn while you learn? There are plenty of systems out there. There was just one that happened to run across my path and has taught me everything I needed to succeed and market anything I wanted to online.

People, If you are buying E-books like they are going out of style, thinking that there is some miraculous pill or answer to making quick money online, STOP! There is no fast way to success, but there are shortcuts. This is what you can expect to learn within our community. Want To Set Yourself Apart From The Masses? If you think that every knows what we teach and that you will learn, YOUR WRONG! Only the elite and most dedicated marketers know what we know and what we teach. Everyone else is faking it. They make you believe that they are Guru’s. The sad reality is, they are just another fish in the pond, waiting to be swallowed by the more educated, more prepared and more diligent.

This is what seperates the truley great marketers from the world and the “Just Average”. Which one are you?

To Your Marketing success,

Joshua K. Boxer