How Marketing For Life Insurance Leads Is Like Crabbing

Last week I took the kids crabbing for the first time. They had a blast. And for the most part no one got hurt too bad.

If you’ve never been crabbing before, you don’t know what you’re missing. But you do have to be careful you don’t get pinched…It does hurt.

The best part though is bringing these huge fresh treats home and cooking them up.

But back to crabbing itself…

There are basically 3 ways to catch crabs:

1. The first way is called a hand-line. You hook the bait onto a string and lower it into the water. Then within a few minutes if you’re lucky you will feel a nibble or so. When you think the crab has latched on then you slowly pull the line up and carefully try to snag the crab with a net. This method is very challenging. It really is a lot harder than it sounds.

2. Then next method is to use a trap. This method is a lot easier than the hand-line. All you have to do is set the bait and drop the trap. Then all you do is pull the trap up in about 15 minutes or so…And depending on the area you parked the boat; you could have 5 or 6 crabs chomping on your bait. Not a bad method.

3. This is the “ultimate” in crabbing but you need a special license to do this one…”Commercial Traps!” I was talking to the people that rented us the boat. They are also commercial crabbers. They know all the hot spots. But just as important, they have the right tools to maximize their time and efforts. The commercial traps along with just the right bait and strategically placed- can yield up to a bushel of crabs each haul.

Now we were out there about 3 hours and we ended up with 22 crabs. We actually got about double that but a lot of them just weren’t big enough yet. We tossed them back for next year’s catch.

Why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with your life insurance business?

Well it’s just like marketing for life insurance leads.

There are a number of ways to get life insurance leads:

1. The first is like crabbing with a hand-line. It is called cold calling. Do it once and you won’t want to do it again!

2. The second is the trap, which is like doing your marketing yourself. Sure it gets the job done, but unless you have the right marketing piece (aka – Bait) you will be struggling to get any leads at all.

3. Then there is the third option… The Commercial Trap. This is what it is like to have all of your marketing completely done for you. It is the ultimate scenario allowing you to focus on doing the things that make you the most money… “SELLING!”

This just goes to show you that there are many options to choose from in life and in business. The question you have to ask yourself is, “how much do you value your time.”