How Long to Grieve a Pet

How long does it take to grieve a pet?

I know how sad you must be feeling right now because your pet has just passed on.

I know how painful it can be to loss a pet that has been your friend, brother, sister, child, mother, and father… all rolled into one.

I know how lonely you now feel when you wake up and your pet is not there to say good morning to you and when you arrive back from work to an empty apartment.

Believe me, I understand all these.

But do you know what?

No amount of crying, grieving, lack of eating, anger, sadness or even anger will bring your lovely pet back.

Did I just touch you in a delicate spot?

I didn’t mean to, but the fact has to be told. No amount of grieving for any amount of time will bring your pet back to life. Also, no amount of grieving for any period of time will help you. What such grieving will only do is to make you feel worse.

The best you are supposed to do for your pet is to give it a decent burial and go on with your life.

Of course you should grieve for sometime, but not for long. The quicker you get out of grieve the better for you. But the longer you grieve, the worse you will feel.

Also, take the time to cherish the wonderful memories you had with your pet- be it a dog or a cat.

Am I saying you should forget about the death of your pet within minutes and go back to living your life?

Hell no.

Of course you must grieve for your pet. But what I am concerned about is the time you dedicate to grieving. Don’t spend endless days and nights in agony grieving your pet.

This is unproductive and would only hurt you deeply instead of helping you.

Better still; get a pet memorial or even a pet urn to help you keep the good memory of your pet alive in your mind- not for the purpose of grieving but for the purpose of pleasant memories.

In case you don’t know about pet memorials and pet urns, keep reading.

Pet memorials are mostly individually handcrafted memorials with engravement of your pet’s name, text or even outline- as way of helping you keep the pleasant memory alive for as long as possible. Note that I said pleasant memories, not sad memories.

Pet urns on the other hand are handcrafted from sold wood and used for storing the aches of your cremated pet.

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