How Juice Diet Help You Recover from Sickness

You might have heard from the doctors to be on juice diet to cleanse your body system especially when you are sick. So let’s know how they help your body to fight against diseases and recover from sickness. Alkali-genic foods extract the toxic substances accumulated in the cells of the body and keep in their elimination.

Even a healthy person derives benefit by keeping to an alkali-genic diet rich in minerals. Such a diet is all the more necessary in sickness. Sickness is rooted in acids accumulated in the body. To neutralize and deactivate these acids, one must take food which can supply plenty of alkalis. This purpose can be better served by a liquid diet.

In fact, for a plentiful supply of alkalis to the body there is nothing that can challenge juice diet. Such a diet also provides sufficient vitamins and enzymes that enhance the resistive and healing powers of the body.

The juices must always be consumed while fresh. This is especially important when the purpose is that of healing or prevention of disease. The vitamins in raw uncooked foods are very sensitive to the oxygen of the air. For example lemon, oranges, apples and similar fruits lose about 50% of their vitamin C content in only one month, during storage. If the vitamins in uncut fruits and vegetables are destroyed so easily, it is obvious that the vitamins in their juices must get destroyed mush more quickly. The juices therefore must be taken without a moment delay as soon as they are extracted.

The juices must not be gulped down, but sipped slowly, so as to give saliva a chance to mix with them and begin the process of the digestion of the carbohydrates. Fruit and vegetables juices should not be mixed, but must always be taken separately.

Canned or bottled juices are entirely useless for health, as all the active constituents useful for fighting diseases or promoting health have been destroyed by the processing and prolonged storage. Moreover, harmful chemicals have been added to the juices as preservatives.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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