How is Hunting in Florida

With a tropical environment in its central and southern regions and a true Southern feel in the north, Florida is like no other state in the Union. When it comes to hunting vacations, the state packs some surprises even avid hunters might not expect.

It’s true when people think of Florida, they think of nothing more than beaches and amusement parks. But, beyond that, Florida still has a lot of wide open spaces, natural pine forests and more. Here visitors who enjoy hunting will find lots of game just waiting and plenty of opportunities to get in on the thrill of the chase during regular hunting seasons.

Typical quarry in Florida includes:

* Deer. The state is known for its white tails. They are smaller than a Northern hunter would be used to, but they’re still a big challenge to get. They are the favored game for bow hunters in the state. Be wary of the smaller Key deer, as they are protected.
* Turkey. Wild turkeys are a mainstay in the Sunshine State. As difficult to bag here as they are in any other region, though, this bird might not be considered smart, but it sure is crafty.
* Wild hog. The abundance of hog is so great in the state, hunting for this particular critter is pretty much a year-round open season. The meat tends to be one of the less “gamey” of the wild animals, too, making it a good choice for those who like to ensure their quarry gets used to its fullest.
* Alligators. The state does issue permits yearly for a set number of gator kills. Getting in on the hunt can be a long waiting game, however, but those who do say they have the time of their lives.

With a number of state managed hunting grounds, including the Ocala National Forest and the Green Swamp conservation area, the state of Florida is not only a beach lover’s paradise, but also a hunter’s dream come true. The regions of Florida that remain wild in the face of development are very wild, making the state a great vacation destination for hunters who want to try something a little different.

Hunting season in Florida varies depending on the game involved. The state’s management areas have their own posted dates for licensed hunters, as well. Stores throughout the state offer licenses for visitors and residents alike.