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How is elder abuse defined?

woman near panting inside roomIf you or an elderly loved one is being mistreated, you may be wondering how elder abuse is defined. There are several types of elder abuse to be aware of, which are financial abuse, verbal abuse, and physical abuse. Make sure to check this website for more information if you or a loved one is experiencing elder abuse. Here’s what you need to know about each of these types of elder abuse and how to identify them:

Verbal/Emotional abuse

Verbal and emotional abuse can be challenging to identify in some cases. However, any deliberate effort to harass and cause psychological harm can be considered criminal in the state of California, and you can also file a lawsuit for such conduct. Here are some examples of situations that would be considered elder abuse:

– Name-calling, angry tirades, and victim-blaming

– The abuser will typically react with intense anger when confronted about their behavior

– Verbal and emotional abuse often causes the victim to become extremely depressed

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is typically very easy to identify, and it will be charged as assault. While the victim is often afraid to speak out about physical abuse, it can be identified by noticing suspicious bruises or other injuries. If an elderly individual is unable to provide an accurate recollection of events due to dementia, physical abuse can still be identified by noticing physical injuries.

Physical abuse can be charged as assault or even aggravated assault, depending on the severity of the physical violence. In addition, it’s possible to file a lawsuit as a result of injuries that are suffered as a result of physical abuse.

Financial abuse

Not only can financial abuse take the form of theft, but it also can be various forms of fraud and deceit for financial gain. In some cases, financial abuse involves withholding an individual’s own financial resources, such as the theft of an elderly person’s social security checks.

Where does elder abuse often occur?

The perpetrator of elder abuse can be either a family member or paid caretaker of the individual. However, it can also take place in an assisted living facility or another healthcare setting. In these cases, the perpetrator will be a staff member at the facility.