How Important Is Going To The Range Before You Start Playing?

Some golfers will always be found on the range before a game whilst others pour themselves out of their car five minutes prior to their tee time and dash to the tee with their shoelaces yet to be tied. For those of you who go to the range first, I wonder do you have a real “plan” for your practice?

Many golfers fall into the trap of trying to work out what is wrong in their swing immediately prior to a game. This is not a good plan if you want to stand upon the first tee feeling confident about the pursuant shot. Most “weekend” golfers just hit a few shots with this club or that as a matter of habit, yet without a real purpose, not even really thinking about warming up before the game.

The real question is what should a golfer do before a game so as to maximize his or her potential? Yes, you do need to warm up and get your body turning. Yes, you do need to find your rhythm, your timing. Yes, you need to be aware of what is “popping out” today in your swing, so that you can play with it. No, you don’t work on it before the game; that is something to do after your game.

To practice your short game before the game is also a key element. Again the key is simply to find your rhythm and to get your tempo right. And, of course, as you practice putting you get a feel for how the greens will be playing.

Thus it is important to practice before play, but not in the sense of practicing to iron out mechanical issues. It is for a warm up and to find your rhythm and tempo, to get a feeling for your swing. In essence, practice is important, but only if you practice in the right way.

If all you do is hit balls without thought, or work on your mechanics before the game, then you are probably better off joining the numbers of golfers who turn up at the very last minute and take their first swing whilst standing upon the first tee box.

And the most important thing of all that you can do is approach your game with the correct mindset. Plan mentally to play well. Manage your mind, your emotions and your shot selections well, and your score will inevitably reflect it.

Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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