How I Dumped The Fat & Got Decades Younger

How “Fat, Old, un-cool Dad”, became just “un-cool Dad”
(hey… 2 out of 3 ‘aint bad)

“Yeah, I probably should lose some weight.” I said. “Some?!” replied my wife. And that’s when I realized I needed to find a diet that would actually work.

You see, I’d tried just about every diet fad-of-the-month, that you read about in the useless mainstream media. And of course, none of what the mainstream media recommended, actually worked. (I talk a lot more about that, on my Blogger blog: Waist Diet Manual Owner. You can see my blog in the Author Bio Box under this article.)

It was when I started looking deeper into the whole Diet mess, that I started to find out why nothing had worked for me up til then.

Low Fat Diets: Most people know by now, that low-fat diets don’t work. So how come so many in the medical establishment still push them?

And our governments are no better. Have you looked closely at those useless Healthy Eating Pyramid charts? Bingo! Nothing more than a low-fat diet in disguise.

Low Calorie Diets: These don’t work either – and they’re a pain in the… (you know where). The last thing I need to do, is count calories – so I’m reminded all day of how hungry I am on this stupid diet!

And the more you starve yourself, the more difficult it seems to get your body to lose any weight. They say that low-calorie diets simply lower your metabolism, so after awhile it becomes impossible to lose any weight. Sounds familiar to me!

Low Carb Diets: Now I gotta give credit, where credit is due – these diets do work. For awhile. But you can only eat meat, eggs & cheese for so long, before you’re ready to kill anybody who even mentions the thought of eating more meat, eggs & cheese!

In other words, low-carb diets get old, real fast. And once again, I suspect that your body figures out the “trick”, and starts to figure out ways to keep you fat, even if you stick to the diet.

So what finally worked? Well, that’s too long a story to talk about here. But briefly, a short time after I’d decided that nothing would work for me and I’d just have to live with being “pudgy” the rest of my life, my son’s doctor sent him to a Nutrition Specialist. And because of what that started, me & my kids dumped over 100 pounds in total(!). To read the full story of how we did that, see my blog (listed in the Author Bio Box below). It’s at: