How Hypnotherapy is Used

In a hypnotic trance it is possible to concentrate totally on the desired goal. A few clients cannot be put into a trance but do come under the hypnotherapist’s control, while others enter a deep trance. It is also possible to gain deeper insight into one’s own feelings and behavior. Hypnosis is applied in three main ways:

Deep Relaxation Letting go of virtually all physical and mental tension is possible under hypnosis.

Suggestion Therapy The aim is to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones.

Analytical Therapy Root causes of problems are examined and reviewed from a new perspective.

When your therapist encourages you to relax, she will usually do so through your imagination, talking in a controlled way that ensures that you focus on her voice. Relaxation is normally encouraged through “heavy arms” and “semaphore” techniques.

Heavy Arms

You will be asked to relax your arms and concentrate on the fact that your hands are becoming heavier and heavier until they are so heavy that you are unable to lift them.

The Semaphore Method Your therapist will ask you to close your eyes and visualize a balloon on your wrist, pulling one arm upward while another is drawn down by a heavy weight. Your therapist will then suggest that the reverse is true.

Therapeutic techniques include those listed below.

Direct/Auto-Suggestion Therapy, in which the therapist offers positive suggestions that your, will accept. This may be used for addictions, nel problems, or pain, for instance.

Parts Therapy, in which the therapist regression to discover why you have certain problems. For instance, your weight may be linked to an over whelming insecurity, or your aggressiveness may be caused by defensiveness about a problem. This technique addresses factors that may not immediately appear linked but have a common cause.

Hypnohealing is aimed at healing pathological disease. Your therapist uses visualization to release the cause of your illness.

Age Regression, which links illness and other problems to past problems and incidents.

Cell Command Therapy, which is used to slow down aging and associated degenerative diseases.

Hypnoanesthesia, which is used to control pain for instance in labor, or at the dentist.