How Hirsutism can trouble you

Hirsutism means excess growth of facial and body hair in women. There hair growth is usually in arm and legs area. It may also grow on chest,extend area of abdomen and thighs.

Importance of hirsutism
It is caused by serios illness, it is not a disease. Excess hair growth is considered as abnormal in our society. Near about 25% to 30% middle age women faces this problem. They feel distress or embarrassing because of this. patients of hirsutism disturbance of menstruation. Overweight or obese is also causes for hirsutism. It is also caused by high level of male harmones. In the condition of polysystic ovary symdrome,cushing disease increases woman’s low level men hormones. It is also causes by hair follicles.

Birth control pills, hormones and anabolic steroid causes hirsuitsm.

When should concern the doctor about hirsutism?
If there is sudden increment in body hair or facial hair, irregular periods and if your voice is become deeper. In such condition concern to your family doctor.

How to get rid of the excess hair?
shaving is the best way for removing hair. If your skin becomes irritated because of more shaving then use 1% hydrocortisone cream. Hair removal creams are also used but it also irritates your skin. Try it on your wrist, wait for one day before applying on other part, if there is no bad reaction then it is okey to use.

Another physical methods of removing are as follows

Bleaching and shaving : Bleaching is helpful for making hairs less obivous, where does not make the hair groeth thickly.
Waxing : Waxing must be done after every six weeks. Hairs are pulled out from root with the help of warm waxing. It is hardens on the skin.
Electric hair removers : These are used to remove hair by cutting and pulling.
Weight loss: weight loss decreases the male harmone in the female and it reduces hair growth.
Rare causes of the Hirsutism
Cancer or tumor of the adrenal gland
Cancer or tumor of the ovary.