How Good Can It Get?

How good can your life get? Can it be better than it is now? By how much?

I know that my life has certainly gotten better over time and each time I get ready to go to a new level, I take a dip. Not so much monetarily as emotionally. (And it can be monetary as well.)

This dip happens for people like you and me when we realize we need to do things differently to have our life and our dreams be what we truly want them to be.

When we make big changes like this we often have to let go of a part of us — the part that no longer serves us. Perhaps it is the part of you that wants to be in control and do everything yourself. Well, needless to say, your dreams can only grow so far if you are doing everything yourself. There are only so many hours in a day.

Or perhaps, it is the part of you that has always done things by working really hard and that is no longer working for you because you are exhausted.

Or perhaps it is the part of you that only thinks you only deserve so much and so when things start going well, you do something to stop the flow.

Is it time for you to do something differently? What behavior is no longer serving you?

When we insist on holding on to that old way of doing things, it can be very painful. Yet it is familiar and we like to stay with what we know – even when it isn’t working for us. Our ego tells us that is the only way to do it. That is not true. It is just the familiar way. And while familiarity feels safe, it often is not.

So what can you do to take your dreams and life to the next level?

Notice what old beliefs you are hanging on to. What is your story about why you are where you are today? Even if your life is great right now, notice what limits you have placed on yourself. We all do it. And it is generally subconscious.

If you are not sure where you are holding yourself back, take stock of where you are in your life now and where you have been over the past few months. That may be representative of your current limitation.

Make a decision to remove any limitations you have placed on your life and your dreams and to go beyond where you have gone before. For example, if you usually stop after receiving a “no”
for an answer, ask again or ask someone else; if you usually stare at the ceiling in the elevator, start a conversation with someone; if you usually stop after making X dollars, intend for more; if you usually stop after making 3 calls, make 5, etc.

Decide on one new behavior you will take on that is different from the way you have done things in the past. (For example, delegate out more of your work, focus on one project at a time, take rest breaks during the day, do something you have been putting off because it is uncomfortable, etc.)

Get supported. Find a mentor, coach or group that will support you in letting go of those old beliefs and behaviors and taking on new ones that will make your life and dreams richer and more rewarding.