How Driving a Car With a Diesel Engine Can Save You Money

Many people don’t think about their engine when it comes time to buy a new car. Though some more informed car buyers will spend several hours researching the engine that will be in their new car, most consumers look at one important piece of data when buying a new vehicle: price. Ultimately, for most, the price of a vehicle will dictate what car an individual will buy. But some features in new vehicles that come with a higher price tag can be beneficial to your car and can ultimately save the new driver money. Unfortunately, for some new car buyers thinking about long term savings is simply not feasible. But for those who can handle the burden of a higher upfront vehicle cost should consider buying a car with a diesel engine. It is true that cars with new diesel engines tend to be more expensive, but diesel engines have benefits that regular gasoline engines don’t have. Read on to see what those benefits are and how they can save you money:

Less Maintenance
Modern diesel engines have several advantages over their older counterparts or comparable diesel engines. According to Diesel Service & Supply, diesel engines do not require spark plugs or spark wires because diesel fuel ignites automatically. The lack of these parts lowers maintenance cost for diesel engines. Diesel engines also operate at a cooler temperature. Because gasoline engines operate at a higher temperature their parts can become worn out or warped, which then requires these parts to be fixed or replaced. Because diesel engines do not get as hot they don’t need to be maintained as often.

Because diesel engines are more reliable they will require less maintenance. Like most engines they will most likely require maintenance at some point in time, but the repairs that may be required will occur less frequently than the repairs that gasoline engines require. Though diesel engines can be more expensive, because they require less maintenance they will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Fuel Economy
Fuel economy is another feature that people look for when purchasing new cars. Fuel economy is an important feature because the better the fuel economy a car has, the less the driver has to spend on gasoline. Modern diesel engines are very efficient and are even more efficient than their gasoline counterparts. According to the U.S. Department of Energy diesel engines can be anywhere from 30 – 35% more efficient than comparable gasoline powered engines. This efficiency means that you would spend much less money on diesel fuel than regular gasoline.

Better fuel economy obviously results in less money spent fueling up your car. While it is true that diesel fuel is more expensive than regular gasoline, the price is only around $.30 more expensive on average in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. But because diesel engines are more fuel efficient the money spent on diesel fuel will ultimately be less than the money spent on gasoline.

Superior Technology
As a whole diesel engines have superior technology, which is one reason why diesel engines are more expensive upfront than cars with standard gasoline engines. This superior technology can also save drivers money in the long run. According to the blog Pondering Cars, diesel engines have higher compression ratios that allow them to be more efficient. Many diesel engines are also turbo charged so they can produce sufficient power, and they have high pressure injection systems, which allows the engine to control the fuel economy and lower emissions.
This superior technology allows diesel engines to be more efficient than comparable gasoline engines. But this superior technology also means that cars with diesel engines will be more expensive. But because of their superior technology, diesel engines are more effective and run more efficiently. That means that less money will be spent on things like fuel or repairs and maintenance. That will ultimately save money for the drivers of diesel engine powered cars.

The old myth about diesel engines being loud and inefficient is quickly being unwritten. With new advances in technology diesel engines are now more efficient than ever. The long term cost benefits of driving a car with a diesel engine are quickly becoming apparent. So what are you waiting for? Maybe it is time for you to research a diesel powered car when it comes time for you to purchase your next vehicle.