How Do You Plant Your Corn? How to Lead From Your Strengths and Live a Powerful Life

How do you plant your corn? Well, that seems like a weird question, doesn’t it? Please let me explain!

But first, let me ask you: how do you define “true success” in your life? No doubt you definition would include an ample income AND it would probably include some or all of these conditions: good health, a spiritual connection, fulfilling relationships, a sense of well-being, and contribution to the community.

One of the biggest secrets to success is to take personal responsibility for your life and your goals.

Peter Drucker, a business success guru and author of “Essential Drucker,” advises that each day we should spend 85% of our time using and capitalizing on our strengths. What percentage of you day is truly spent utilizing and contributing your strengths and talents? Are you keenly aware of your strengths?

A wonderful client of mine recently shared with me, and gave me permission to tell her powerful story. This story highlights the importance of knowing and using our strengths. A little while ago, my client and her family held a special ceremony to celebrate their newly acquired family getaway nestled in a gorgeous, wooded area in North Carolina. In their research of the property, they discovered that the land had once been solely occupied by the Cherokee Indian Tribe. So, as part of the “christening” of their new property, they enlisted the services of an Indian Shaman, a spiritual healer, to officiate their ceremony.

The Shaman spoke of, and demonstrated an ancient Cherokee Indian tradition. According to that tradition, the vegetable corn symbolizes the fruit of the Earth, for it sustained and nourished generations of Indian people. The Cherokee also believe that each human being is endowed with specific gifts. These gifts are our strengths and talents.

Further, they believe that as stewards of these gifts, we have the responsibility to share them with each and every day. As the Shaman relayed this lesson, he gathered dried corn from a large bowl and placed a handful of the corn kernels into each person’s cupped hands, looked them in the eye and asked, “How will you plant your corn today?”

I ask youÂ… how do you plant your corn? Are you aware of your strengths and how to capitalize on them? The world awaits your contribution. My coaching challenge to you? Lead from your strengths and go forth and be exceptional!