How Do You Measure Success?

Success is defined by many different people in many different ways. Usually, a person’s definition of success is actually an explanation of how they measure that success. According to the Webster’s Dictionary, success is “the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.” By this definition of success, we are successful in some form or fashion every single day, throughout the day!

When people discuss whether or not they are successful, they are really discussing their personal measurement of success. Different people measure success in different ways. A housewife with little income may consider herself to be a success if her children are successful, well-mannered, productive members of society. However, a businessman may feel that the housewife is not a success because she is well in debt and does not have much of monetary value.

How you measure success will be determined by your core values. What are your core values? These are the beliefs that you hold to strongly in everything that you do. They can be spiritual, material, emotional, or social in nature. There are many exercises available in self-help books and websites on the web that will help you to discover your core values and beliefs. With these values, you will be able to determine how you measure success.

Likewise, you can determine your core values by how you already measure the success of yourself and others. If you feel that you are not successful unless you have a high tech computer, your own home, and a substantial bank account, then your core values are likely to be more material in nature. If you feel that you are not successful because you do not have time for church and family, then your core values are probably spiritual in nature. If you feel that you are not successful because you do not have time for yourself, your core values are primarily emotional in nature. Finally, if you feel that you are not successful because you have lost friendships on your path up the career ladder, then your core values are more social in nature.

Understanding your core values and beliefs are the best way to find happiness in success. When you understand your core values and apply them to your every day life and career path, you will find that your feelings of success or lack thereof will change drastically. This feeling of success will, in turn, create happiness and balance in your life, as well as self-confidence and emotional well-being.