How Do We Inspire Ourselves to Greatness?

Are you ready…

…to step into your greatness?

Inspiration is not only for a select few. It is available to you. Just as you have amazing potential and the seeds of greatness within you, you have the spiritual gifts and power available to transform this potential of you into the reality of you.

Inspiration is one of the gifts and powers shared by people who have stepped into their greatness. Great leaders are an example of this. They are both inspired and inspiring. Inspiration is an aspect of what makes a great leader both great and a leader.

“How do we inspire ourselves to greatness?” asked Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela in the film “Invictus.” This film that takes place in 1995 speaks to a triumph of the spirit.

Nelson Mandela, then president of South Africa asked that inspiring question to the captain of the national rugby team. They each found a way to inspire themselves, others around them and their country. The result was beyond what the great majority would have imagined.
Inspire means to be “in Spirit.” To inspire is to infuse with life. Inspiration is an animating and exalting influence that quickens and energizes the mind and heart and impels you to be and to act.

Surrender to Something Greater Than You

“How do we inspire ourselves to Greatness?” You inspire yourself to Greatness by surrendering to something greater than you.
That which is greater than you is what many call God, a Higher Power, Spirit, the Divine, Source or your Higher Self. This is the Spiritual Power that empowers who you are and what you do.

Develop a relationship with Spirit. Ask for inspiration to “be” what you are here to be and “do” what you are here to do. Ask for guidance with anything and everything, no matter how big or how small. Ask any and all the time. Trust that inspiration will come, listen and follow when it does.

That which is greater than you is also your vision, your purpose, the people you touch and the impact you are here to have in the world. Keep your vision and the spirit and energy of it alive in your heart and mind, but let go of trying to do it by yourself.
Ask each day, “Who can I best serve? How can I best serve?” and listen. Do what is yours to do and get help with the rest. Be true to yourself and your ideals.

As you begin to rely on that which is greater than you, your being changes such that inspiration becomes a naturally working part of who you are. You will be inspired with ideas, actions and abilities beyond what you have imagined. You will be guided to be and will become greater than you have been, and exceed your expectations of what’s possible for you.

As you surrender to and rely on something greater than you, you will find yourself inspired to Greatness!

Step Into Your Greatness Today…
Put yourself in the way of inspiration!