How Do Successful People Defend Their Dreams?

Sometimes I really wish I could become deaf and blind to all the naysayers and negative people who seem to want to sabotage my dreams and stand in the way of my goals. Don’t you?

The people who surround you, even the closest ones, can often be the hardest obstacle to overcome on your way to fulfilling your desires and living the life of your dreams.

Why? Because people who aspire to massive success are often seen as a threat to the average person, and those average people may unconsciously – or consciously – try to pull those ambitious people down to their level so that they are not left behind to suffer a mediocre life alone.

How many times have you been criticized or subjected to rejection or ridicule? What did you do in those situations?

If your normal reaction is to stop what you are doing – to halt your own progress – in order to focus on defending yourself or trying to prove your point, then STOP.

That is a waste of your time and effort. Life is too short and too valuable to throw it away on such nonsense. One thing you can be sure about is that you will never please everyone – no one can, so why bother trying?

You have a dream and a unique mission on this earth that only you can fulfill. Discover what it is and give it all you’ve got. Give it your time, energy, and focus. Believe in it and move forward. How people see you is irrelevant and has nothing to do with you or your dream of success.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t listen to good advice, of course. Just be mindful of what kind of advice you’re receiving and from whom you’re receiving it. Take what can really improve your progress and help you along your journey. But never pay attention to negative people who are NOT successful and are NOT living the worthy life you aim for.

Take advice from people who are already successful, know how to overcome challenges, and can guide you with their experience and knowledge. That is the kind of advice that you need to pay attention to.

Why on earth should you listen to someone who is living a mediocre life with no meaning or purpose?

A phrase I read in Paulo Coelho’s “The Witch of Portobello” really sums up the point: “You either carry your mission forward or you defend yourself. You’re aware, I know, that what you’re doing is more important than how you’re seen by other people. Do you agree?”

What you’re doing is more important than how you’re seen by other people. So carry on with your mission, keep moving forward, and let your legacy speak for itself.

Successful people know that their mission and their dream are greater and more important than other people’s opinions. So never let the naysayers pull you down, and never kill your dreams to please other people.

When it comes to your mission and your dream, it’s a good practice to become deaf and blind to negative forces, and open your mind to the valuable advice of successful people who have been where you are and know the art of success.

Keep moving forward and craft your legacy, and someday the impact of your mission will leave all those who stood against you absolutely speechless.

Attacking – not defending – is the best way to WIN the game of life.