How Do I Move an Aquarium

Probably the most dreaded part of moving to a new location is disassembling and then reassembling your fish aquarium. Compared to that, hauling a quarter ton bookcase up three flights of stairs probably sounds more preferable! No need to fear – this article lays out a nice set of steps to make the process as smooth as possible.

First Things First – Prepare Your Fish

Scoop up your little finned friends and put them in a clean container filled with a little tank water – enough water to cover the fish, but not so much that there isn’t any air between the water and the lid for the container. Be sure that the container you put them in can be securely sealed so that they don’t jump out and you (or someone else) don’t accidentally spill them out of their temporary homes.

Empty the tank

Pour the aquarium’s existing water into another container. You want to keep this tank water and carry it with you, so this temporary aquarium should be clean as well. Remove all of the aquarium’s accessories and pack them once they’ve been dried. Carefully remove your plants and put them in a bag containing a little tank water. Do the same with any gravel and decoration.

Prepare the aquarium

Dry the aquarium and pack it along with your other things, taking extra care not to damage it.

Reassemble the aquarium

Once you’ve made it to your new location, unpack your aquarium and inspect it for damage. If you find a crack, you’re going to have to replace it and take care of your fish in their temporary home. Otherwise, you can put everything back where it was starting with the water that you saved earlier. Re-attach the thermometer and filter and then turn the filter on immediately. Place your gravel and plants back into the aquarium and watch the temperature of the tank.

Once your aquarium’s temperature reaches 70 degrees, you can add your fish.

Moving can be stressful for fish too

Moving isn’t just stressful for humans, it can take its toll on fish too! So keep an eye on your fish and make a note of any unusual behavior or illness. From your fish’s perspective, things just aren’t in the same place that they use to be in and that might prove to be confusing and upsetting. A vet in your new location might be able to offer you advice on how to help the little guys get used to their new view.