How Do I Know I Am Getting A True Psychic Reading

Often we are bombarded by commercials and informercials on our televisions about the best and most accurate psychics. There are times when a person in need of a psychic reading does not know which way to turn. Especially when we are feeling afraid, lonely, confused, or lost.

While there are some people with true psychic abilities, the majority of the so called psychics are not. When you are calling a psychic, many of these non psychics will give you generic answers and try to keep you on the phone so they can collect more money from you.

Here are a few facts on what true psychic readers can and cannot do:

– A psychic is not able to pick the winning lottery numbers. It is common sense that tells us if that were the case, only psychics would be lottery winners. The same is true of betting on any sports team, horse race, dog race, or casino table or machine.

– A true psychic cannot perform a spell that will bring back your lover. Anyone who says they can is only after your hard earned cash. Everyone has a free will and there are no amount of spells, or talismans that will make a person come back to someone the do not want to be with.

– Some psychics say they can perform a spell to alleviate your pain. Unless these people are true healers, they are usually after your money. I truly believe in the healing touch and there are several wonderful psychic beings with the ability to heal the body.

– There are Psychics who can perform certain rituals or spells with divine help that are successful.

– No amount of prayer, healing, or rituals will help a person who is afraid to move forward. These people should first decide to give up the old and embrace the new before any part of their lives can be healed.

– Psychics will not tell you silly things like what you had for lunch today, or what time you got out of bed this morning.

– Psychic readers read your energy or your soul. A psychic should always respect your energy.

– A psychic reading is about you and your personal development. A good psychic will be able to help you see what you can do to improve your life and avoid pitfalls.

– When you are having difficulties in your life, a psychic reading should give you insight as to how you can make the decisions to make things better.

– Psychics are human and do not always know the answer. If they cannot see a certain aspect of your future, they should be honest and let you know they are not clear on the answer.

– The purpose of obtaining a psychic is to answer questions and guide you as to the best way to go about solving problems.

– A good psychic can only tell you how you may solve your problem, you need to decide what you want to do about it.

– A good psychic should be able to warn you of major obstacles that lay ahead of you, so that you can be prepared for the inevitable and take the measures necessary to smooth out the problems.

– If you are uncomfortable with a psychic, stop the reading and try someone else. There is no reason to sit through a reading with someone you do not like or trust. A good psychic would refund your fee and may even refer you to someone else.