How do I get in Guildford?

Guildford is a large town found in Surrey which is located in South East England. Guildford has a beautiful historical background. So, if you walk along the streets of Guildford, you may be sure to see buildings that are more than 100 years old. Guildford is also the only royal town in Surrey as the King of England used to live there in a castle during the year 1400.

Guildford became a popular town as it is situated between Portsmouth and Greenwich. Therefore, people moving between these two places stopped at Guilford to refresh themselves. Most people took their breaks at inns in Guilford such as The Angel and The Lion. But when steam trains were brought into use, Guildford considerably lost its visitors. People preferred to travel by train. As years passed by, many people started to work in London. So, they had to pass through Guildford. As a matter of fact, Guildford became more and more popular and rich at the same time.

Moreover, nowadays Guildford has become virtually a tourist attraction with so many ancient treasures to discover. Guildford is connected by bus routes from Godalming and Woking among other places. You may have to know that ticket prices could be expensive and buses may run at specific times during a day. A bus terminus also exists at Commercial Road in Guildford. So, in case you need detailed information or even want to get a low priced long term ticket, the terminus could be worthwhile stop. Guildford also has some park and ride car parks. The most famous ones may be situated at Artington and Spectrum Leisure Complex. At these places, the parking is free and you could leave your car there and catch a bus to travel through the Guildford town centre. However, buses have an exact time to reach either Artington or Spectrum Leisure Complex. So, you have to be careful to remain informed with their time schemes.

Another means to come to Guildford is by plane. Travelers who want to go to Guildford the most convenient way can land at the Heathrow Airport or the Gatwick Airport. From Heathrow, you could benefit from a bus service known as the RailAir express which can leave you at the Woking rail station. On the other hand, form Gatwick there is a train service directly to Guildford as from the airport terminal itself. The train may run twice per hour. Additionally, you could as well get into Guildford by train. The train line at Guildford joins many places including London, Portsmouth and Gatwick among others. Prior to making your trip to Guildford by train it could be a wise idea to check the National Rail Planner for train times.

On the other end, you might prefer to go to Guildford by coach. The National Express is a local bus service in the UK serving Guildford with express bus. However, the bus might leave you at a stop called Guildford Park Barn. From there you may catch a taxi to go the Guildford town centre.