How Do Hair Straighteners Work

There has been a drastic change with hair straigteners. They use special types of metal plates that use different types of metal, rocks, and heating elements. A gem by the name of tourmaline can be found crushed into the metal plates on high priced hair straighteners. Tourmaline has negative ions, so it causes your hair to be smoother and lessens fly-aways. Just a few decades ago, women were forced to use their everyday clothes iron to straighten their hair. Now this today’s increase in technology and understanding of hair follicles, the hair straightening market has soared. Since straight hair is extremely popular and fashionable, there are different kinds of hair straighteners to fit all hair types.
Maybe you are asking yourself why would they place a beautiful gem in a metal plate? Well the answer may surprise you. A tourmaline plate transmits negative ions to your hair keeping it looking healthy and shiny. A hair straightener with tourmaline technology will straighten hair much faster as well. They can be rather expensive, so make sure buying one fits within your budget.
Some hair straighteners use steam to get your hair straight. These types of hair straighteners are not for all hair types. They also use a hot metal plate along with the steam to force your hair to straighten. This type of straightener may cause flyaways and frizz.
Infrared Ionic technology water molecules are absorbed easier into the hair through this method. The condition of your hair can actually be improved through this simple process! Combining this technology with Ionic adds more moisture to your hair and seals the cuticle giving your hair lots of shine. Most salons and hair stylists use this combination of technology to achieve the best results possible.
Ceramic plates are the most popular hair straightening technology out there today. They heat up rapidly and work even on the worst hair imaginable. They tame frizz and also lessen fly-aways, which may reduce the number of bad hair days! Ceramic plate hair straigheners are moderately priced, so look around before purchasing one. Having beautiful hair does not mean you must spend tons of money.
There are many different types of hair straighteners in today’s market. The technology behind these has advanced greatly over the past few decades. Since straight hair is popular among celebrities and models, manufacturers have found new ways to straighten hair without damaging it too severely.