How Can You Increase Your Income Any Time You Want…Guaranteed?

What is your current income? Would you like to increase it? Do you know a surefire way to increase your income any time you want?

While you sit reading this article, you are going to learn a surefire way to increase your income level any time you want…guaranteed.

All of us are problem solvers. As Mike Litman says, “Everything is created to solve a problem.”

A telecommunications engineer solves telecommunication problems. Doctors solve health problems. Lawyers solve legal problems. And so on.

But what does this have to do with your income level?

Oh…so simple!

Here is the concept:

*** Your income level is commensurate with the difficulty level of problems that you solve.

The bigger the problems you solve, the higher your income level will be.

What you might not realize is that you were born to make a difference and you were equipped to fulfill a certain purpose. You are here to offer the world something that no one else can offer. You have a specific calling that you need to respond to.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to solve a problem in your area of passion. In other words, find something that you really love to do and that, by doing it, you solve a big problem or fulfill a world need. Then build a business around it or make it your daily work.

The essence of your existence is the value of your contribution. Your contribution gives your life meaning and gives you a reason for living.

For instance, look at your work for ways to solve more problems―big ones―and you will soon realize that you are getting more recognition and promotions, and your income level will dramatically increase.

Don’t expect your income level to increase by default or as you get older. Your personal value must increase first. And your personal value is related to the difficulty of problems you can solve.

From now on, whenever you need to get higher income, look for more difficult problems to solve. The more difficult problems you solve the more your income will be.

Use your talents and passions to solve a world need, and you will impact the world and leave a great legacy.

You are here for a purpose…you are here to make a difference. Will you say yes to your calling or keep on living a meaningless life?

You will get the highest income you can get in your life when you fulfill your true purpose in life. That is why you are here in the first place.


No Purpose, No Life.