How Can I Treat Dry Hair

Dry hair can be the enemy of a great hairstyle. Making the hair appear frizzy, mussed and generally not cared for, this condition can be battled back to create great styles. Handling dry hair the right way is key to any great look, but keep in mind, it can be a daily process for some.

Dry hair itself is generally caused by heat damage, an open hair cuticle, chemicals and poor day to day care. Some people are even born with a propensity to have dry hair. But, there are ways to remedy the problem. Going in for routine trims, using the right hair products and a little time and patience can work wonders in helping those with dry hair fix the problem.

If your aim is to fix dry hair, try these things:

* Avoid using heat on the hair at all costs. Don’t blow dry unless you absolutely have to. And, when you do have to blow dry, go for settings that are cool. Also, use a thermal protector on the hair. This applies for hot rollers and curling irons, too.
* Go for regular maintenance trims. Especially if you’d like your hair to be long and healthy, going in for dead end trims every few weeks will be vital for keeping the hair healthy and looking great.
* Use low pH products. Called acidifiers, these products help close the cuticles and trap moisture into the hair. This is important for battling dry hair problems that might plague the look of great hairstyles.
* Avoid coloring, perming and relaxing while hair is at its worst. Dry hair can be a natural condition for some or created by man in others. Regardless the case, don’t go for chemical treatments until the hair is in its best condition. And, when it is, be certain to care for chemical treated hair correctly to avoid future dry hair problems.
* Treat dry hair like you would a cold – baby it. Buy the right products, eat well, use cool water for washing and take care to go in for trims when necessary. The more you baby dry hair, the more likely it is the problem will go away.

Dry, damaged hair can get in the way of great styling results. So, it’s important to treat it with care. Use the right products, get cuts when necessary and give it a little time. Even damaged hair can be babied back to great shape with a little time and patience.