How Breakfast Jump Starts Your Weight Loss

Here are some early morning questions for you:

Do you eat breakfast?

If you don’t eat breakfast, why not?

When is the last time you actually ate breakfast?

And if you do eat breakfast – What do you eat?

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Didn’t our parents and teachers always tell us this?

Well, they’re right!

People who don’t eat breakfast tend to feel tired, restless and even irritable in the morning.

Now you know why your family avoids you in the morning.

What does eating Breakfast have to do with weight loss?

Eating breakfast does several things for you –

First, it helps refuel us in the morning. It is the first chance the body has to refuel glucose levels or blood sugar after sleeping all night. You can think of breakfast as re-energizing us for the day ahead.

Second, eating breakfast is not only beneficial to the body but to the brain as well. Eating breakfast will improve your mental alertness, concentration and ability to reason things out.

Third and the one you’re looking for is that it helps with weight management. This is the concept you’ve been hoping to see – right?

Eating breakfast provides energy to fuel the body. Our muscles need this energy for physical activity. If you have no energy, how will you move, walk and exercise during the day. Most importantly to weight loss – how will you even have the desire to exercise if you have no energy?

Eating breakfast helps to prevent binge eating later in the day by curbing your hunger.

Why do you tend to binge? Think about this – generally, you’ve tried to avoid eating anything at all, and eventually you get so hungry you just start stuffing everything and anything in your mouth.

It’s been well documented in many studies that people who skip breakfast, eat more calories in a day, then people who eat breakfast.

By preventing binge eating, you’ll eat fewer calories throughout the day. Therefore, breakfast is an important component of weight management and needs to be part of your daily routine.

Seems simple now, doesn’t it. I hope you’ll start incorporating breakfast into your daily routine right away.

A question I asked you at the beginning of this article was: What do you eat for breakfast? It’s very important to eat the right types of foods at breakfast. It’s more important than any other meal of the day because you need the energy, increased metabolism and curbed appetite that the right type of food will give you.

Even if you’re following a special type of diet you still need to eat first thing in the morning to obtain the metabolism boost it gives you.

Basically, you need to consume some protein and carbohydrate with a little bit of fat at breakfast. Ideally, you should eat within 30 minutes of arising. Pretty simple, right? You really need all three to jump-start your metabolism in the morning and reap the benefits of weight management.