How Are Citrus Juicers Different?

Citrus juicers allow you to make the most out of your oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits and tangerines.

They are created to handle these specific fruits, making strides towards a more natural morning beverage.

Citrus fruits possess different components, such as seeds, segmentation and thick skin that some juicers cannot handle.

When juicing citrus fruits, you should know that each one requires a different approach. For example, did you know it is OK to eat the skin of lemons and limes, but when it comes to grapefruits, oranges and tangerines, our digestive system cannot handle the chemicals?

Using a citrus juicer is one of the ways to bring more of the potassium, vitamin C, calcium, niacin and thiamine into your life.

Although, the juice is fresh, once it has been made, you should drink it as soon as possible to benefit from the full effect of these nutrients.

Citrus juicers also provide you with pectin, which is the soluable fiber that eases high cholesterol levels.

Citrus Water vs Total Citrus Juice

When shopping for the kind of fruit juicer that will handle your oranges, two types of citrus juicers are available to extract your beverage.

The first one creates citrus water, while the second delivers total citrus juice.

Citrus water is created when the liquid from the fruit, such as an orange, is either pressed or squeezed. It is watery and sometimes will have no signs of pulp.

Total citrus juice is made when the segments, outer skin and other parts are used. The result is a creamy, foamy consistency that offers more nutrients, but less sweetness.

The types of juicers to produce this result are more advanced that a citrus water juicer.

Main Types of Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit Juicers

There are a variety of ways that the industry presents juicers for these types of fruits. Manual citrus juicers are fashioned from metal, glass or plastic.

You cut the fruit in half and squeeze it against an apparatus that filters the juice into a cup. This approach is often messy.

An electric reamer produces more juice than the manual way of reaming out the juice from the fruit. There are many electric appliances to choose from, ranging from the Omega 4000 to the Juice Master Plus.

The easiest way to produce citrus juice is to use a press, which is one of the best ways to create citrus water, along with a reamer.

For total citrus juice, look into purchasing the fruit juicer options, which also provides the highest level of nutrients.

Additional details to consider when purchasing a juicer for your morning drinks include: the wattage, the motor speed, pulp ejection, continuous juicing capabilities, as well as see-through tops.

The price, brand, and how easy it is to clean will also affect your decision.