How and Why Fiber Does Magic in Your Body

Since you eat fiber all of the time, then it would be a good idea to really understand what fiber is and what it does in your body. Both fruits and vegetables have fiber but they have different kinds of fiber. Fiber is the form or structure of the plant, it’s the part the makes up the walls of cells. Fiber gives form to plant cells and to the plant.

When fiber enters the stomach, stomach acid and digestive enzymes cannot break it down. It remains in take until it reaches the colon. There in the colon, fiber is partial digested by the good bacteria allowing the good bacteria to multiply and make you healthier.

Fiber consists of many different substances and forms. It can be hard or rigid and soft and gummy. The hard fiber is called insoluble cellulose and found mostly in vegetables and grains, whereas, the soft fiber, soluble fiber, is found in fruits and vegetables.

It is recommended that you eat between 25 to 45 grams of fiber. The larger you are the more fiber you should eat. Most of the soluble fiber, fruits, should be eaten in the morning, since it digests faster and helps you to detoxify your body. Insoluble fiber, in vegetables, should be eaten during lunch and dinner. They combine with your protein and carbohydrates to form stools that move quickly through your colon. This helps you avoid constipation.

Here are some of the magical properties that fibers have in your body:

Soluble fiber attracts, collects and hold fats, cholesterol, toxins, and other colon wastes
They stimulate peristaltic action in the colon preventing constipation
They act as a cleaner scraping waste off your colon walls
They help you lose weight by absorbing fats and toxins and preventing them from being reabsorbed. They also make you feel fuller after a meal.
They slow down the absorption of sugar or simple carbohydrates by holding them in the fiber matrix.
They move stools faster through the colon, preventing excess carbohydrates from being absorbed
They help you prevent colon cancer by moving toxic stools quickly out of your body

It is best to use natural fiber and not processed fiber that you find in over-the-counter products. Processed fiber is changed by the heat, pressure, and chemicals when it is converted into a powder. Many of the nutrients in fiber are lost and its electrical valve is lost and not available for your body.

If you are not eating very many raw fruits or vegetables then your health will suffer. Start using them, but you will find that they will create more gas and bloating, since you are not use to eating them. Start adding them slowly to your diet. It is best to use fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. This is type of produce that the body needs because of the electrical activity in the fiber and in all of its nutrients.

Eat raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, beans, and whole grains for the best fiber. Wheat, oat, and rice bran are also excellent fiber sources.