How A Horserace Taught Me About The Power Of My Dreams

I have been fascinated by my dreams since I was a young child but it was a specific incident some years back that really made me take my interest further.

I have always had an interest in horses. I used to love to be able to go horseback riding when school was out. Then, as I got older and into my adult life, it developed into a love of all things to do with horse racing.

I read the racing pages in the newspaper every day, read books about the subject and go to the track whenever I get the chance. Many of my friends are fans of the sport too, so it is often the subject of conversation.

You could say I am hooked.

This all means that I absorb a huge amount of information on horse racing on a regular basis.

But you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with the meaning of dreams.

Well one night I had a very specific dream. It was about a horserace. And in the race one horse really stood out.

I could clearly see the bay coloured horse. I could clearly see the burgundy and blue colours of the jockey’s silks. And I could clearly see the race as it took place. In fact it was such a vivid dream, it was just like being there.

What’s more, I also clearly saw that same horse winning the race!

What a dream!

But I’m not finished there; because when I woke in the morning I could remember every detail of the dream. Including the horse’s name!

Well a few days passed without anything much happening. I did my work, met up with friends, just the normal routine stuff. But then one morning, as I read the details of the day’s racing, a particular horse’s name grabbed my attention.

Yes, it was the same horse from the dream.

I made sure to sit down and watch the race on the television that afternoon. The horse looked the same, the jockey was wearing the same colours and the race was over the same distance. It was all as it had been in the dream.

Well, you’ve probably guessed the next bit.

Yes, my horse from the dream won the race.

Now I should make it clear that this doesn’t happen all the time, although there have been other similar events. I’m not professing to have any secret powers of seeing into the future. Why, if I could regularly predict the outcome of horse races then I could probably make an awful lot of money as a tipster. Not to mention what I could accrue by having a wager on them myself.

No, the point of recounting this story, and it is a true story, is to make the point that your dreams can come true. I know because it has happened to me.

But the more important point is that it will happen far more easily if you learn to influence what you dream about. If you feed your mind with enough information on a subject relating to your goals or ambitions then you really can help determine the content of your dreams.

Your dreams are an expression of the thoughts, feelings, fears, and anxieties contained in your subconscious mind. They are also the symbolic representation of the content of your mind as it has been computed by your subconscious.

So, whatever the subject of the goals, objectives, or ambitions that you are seeking to achieve, simply absorb as much information about it as you possibly can.

Read about the subject, watch films and television programmes about it. Get onto the Internet and research the topic. And talk about it and think about it whenever you can. Load your subconscious mind up with data and let it do its work.

You see, getting back to that horse race, my dream really didn’t happen by chance.

I’d seen that horse run before. It had won races before and when running over the same distance. The ground conditions at the track had been similar. In fact I knew quite a lot about the horse. And when, a few days previously, I had quickly scanned the entries for forthcoming races, I had unconsciously read that the horse was to run on that day.

Quite simply I had absorbed all of this information and my subconscious mind had taken it all and presented it back to me in my dream.

My dream came true and, with a little practise and patience, yours can too and you will soon begin to see the results in your life.