How A 33 Year Old Woman Loses 10 Pounds Whilst Biking To Work

Want to almost accidently lose 10 pounds in weight whilst havng fun in to the bargain.Then why not drag that old bike from out of the basement or garage and get out in the sunshine on a bike ride.Here’s why it’s so effective…

So your now feel ready to lose weight. All of us do at some point and losing weight is a great way to both look sexier and feel fitter and healthier. Not only that, but you’ll feel better about yourself when you can slip in to that sexy new dress or tight pair of pants and on top of that you’ll have more confidence than you have had for years.

A good starting point is to aim to lose 10 pounds when starting a weight loss program. For most people this should be an attainable goal within just a few weeks which if you need to lose more weight will motivate you to carry on. To be fair to yourself and your body don’t try a crash diet trying to lose 10 pounds in 2 or 3 days it will just make you feel ill.

So where do you start? Most people, when they think of weight loss, think of unappetizing diets ( who could enjoy a diet of cabbage soup for example) or strenuous exercise regimens (you don’t want to become a Navy Seal do you?), but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re looking to lose 10 pounds while still having fun and getting some fresh air, look instead to what was probably one of your favorite childhood activities: bicycling.

There are many benefits to biking, but the main one is that it’s really the only form of exercise that can also function as transportation. The biggest reason it’s difficult for many people to lose weight is because they find it hard to find time for it into their already busy lifestyles.

For example, let’s say your plan is to lose 10 pounds by getting a gym membership and going a few times a week.While this may be great idea at first, and I commend you for it, soon there’s a good chance that it’s going to start interfering with other commitments: one day you have to stay late at the office so you skip gym; one day you have to pick up your daughter from after school club so you skip again.

After a while you keep missing and then gym seems like it’s in the way of your regular life and can’t be scheduled in no matter what.

Just for now lets imagine as an alternative to a gym membership you decide to go out an buy a bike or get yor old one repaired if you had one in the garage gathering dust. By using it to ma ybe bike to work you’ll so start to lose weight and even save on gas.Pretty neat huh?

If you live in a city there’s a good chance that it’s not going to take you a whole lot longer than a car trip does. So basically you get to lose 10 pounds “for free”, as it were, because you don’t have to make time for exercise.

Funny thing is with most forms of exercise all you get is just that exercise.But when bike riding you get exercise and also get to where you need to be be. That’s not of course considering it’s good for the environment, saves you money and can be good fun. It’s hard to see many negatives to biking as a form of exercise.

Just by biking to and back from work each day you will lose 10 pounds pretty quickly and it won’t interupt your schedule that much. If it is to far to ride a bike to work consider it for doing errands such as going to the store when not working. If you really want to lose 10 pounds pretty quickly try bike riding for fun as well at weekends . A few miles a day will work wonders.