Houseboat Ownership Tips

Tips for First Time Houseboat Owner

There is much to learn about owning a houseboat that makes it a little intimidating at first. In fact, it is a reason why most people choose not to own one. Owning a houseboat is not difficult in the slightest, but it does take some common sense to understand how to get the most out of it.

A good place to start is where you would like to use your houseboat. There are places that will store or moor your boat for a set price. This can get rather expensive depending on where you choose to have your boat stored. Having your boat stored already at a lake will make it much easier for your family to go boating. If you choose not to have it stored at a lake, towing it back and forth can become rather tiresome and soon you will not even use it anymore.

Another tip is having the proper towing for your houseboat. Towing your boat can be a learning experience all in its own because it is rather difficult to master. You will need an appropriate vehicle that can tow a large load as well. A small compact car will not do the job. Make sure that your trailer is securely attached to your vehicle and that all safety chains are working as well for emergencies.

This houseboat may be your first experience driving around on a lake. Try to learn what signs and lights mean on the lake your houseboat resides. This will help you to avoid rocks, trees and other hazards that could ruin your boat. Always pay attention to where you are driving because not all hazards will be marked. Trees and rocks can become dislodged or moved due to severe weather from a previous storm.

Always have a first aid kit handy just in case of emergencies. This should be checked before and after every trip out. It should be filled at the end of each season, so no supplies are missing. Of course be as safe as possible, but accidents do and most likely will happen at some point.

After the season always have your houseboat checked for maintenance. It is much easier to grease an engine or change oil rather than replacing it all together. Keeping close tabs on your houseboat’s engine and mechanical parts will have it last as long as possible.

These are just a few things that a first time houseboat owner should keep in mind. There are many things you will learn over the years, but these few are extremely important in order to have a safe and enjoyable boating season.