Houseboat Mooring

Mooring a Houseboat

Living on a houseboat can be quite an unique lifestyle. It offers those who choose this way of life a more peaceful and calm atmosphere. Choosing a place to moor your boat can be rather difficult because of the amount of places you have to pick from. Before deciding on where your houseboat will be kept, always do research on the living area and facilities offered to those that live-aboard or use their houseboat for a recreational past time.

Mooring fees vary drastically according to the size and type of vessel. If your houseboat is 75 feet long then expect to be hit with high mooring fees. Some marinas may not even be able to store your boat because of its size. Always make sure to ask whether or not your vessel fits within the marinas guidelines. It is also important to include that some vessels cannot be insured in certain states due to regulations, so check to make sure your insurance is good for the state or area you choose to moor your houseboat. Mooring fees can be as cheap as $5 a month but as high as tens of thousands for a spot in a busy harbor or tourist spot. Choose an area that will not break the bank, but will allow you to enjoy your houseboat living!

There are several states that are known for their deep lakes, blue waters and spectacular landscapes. Arizona, California, Texas, and Nevada are just a few to check out. Arizona is known for the beautiful Lake Powell. The waters are a cobalt blue color and the weather is mostly sunny and perfect almost all year round. There are multiple lakes in California that may be able to supply a mooring for your houseboat. Lake McClure in California could be an ideal spot for those that love warm temperatures and fishing. Imagine being able to fish from your houseboat all day long and catch an endless amount of trout, black, bass, spotted bass, catfish and bluegills. Nevada has the largest man-made lake in the United States, which is called Lake Mead. Contact a marina in the area to see what kind of mooring fees and facilities they have at this beautiful lake. Lastly, check out Lake Meredith in Texas. Expect to catch some of the biggest walleye at this lake, so if fishing is something of your interest this is an option for you.

Whenever deciding where you can moor your houseboat for permanent residency or as a leisure past time, make sure you investigate what the marina has to offer. Also make sure to ask whether or not electricity, fresh water or gasoline is offered for those with moors. Enjoy sailing on your houseboat.