Houseboat Buying Advice

Buying a Houseboat

If living on land is not satisfying or pleasing you, then perhaps living on water will. Another option for you would be to invest in a houseboat. There are many different types, styles, and sizes of houseboats, so it should be easy to find one that will fit your needs. Whether this will be a summer getaway or your permanent house, finding that special houseboat should be quite easy with the right information and direction.

There are a few steps you should know before purchasing a houseboat. Overall, houseboat living is cheaper than living in a typical house on land. But like anything, there are some risks with houseboat ownership.

Banks will typically not give you a loan for the full purchase amount of your houseboat. This could be a problem for some people on a tight budget or those without some extra cash in their pockets. Be sure to secure a loan of some type before even attempting to purchase. It may be possible to secure a loan on a home you already own, so ask the bank about that option.

It is good to have someone who is an expert on houseboats to take a look at the boat before purchasing. Even though the salesperson claims he or she is an expert, you do not want your boat to sink unexpectedly. Make sure it is built properly and the essentials such as water and heat are included in the house.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself, is where will you park your boat? Most places will charge you a flat fee per month. Since laws and regulations are different according to state, be sure to check your local area if a permit or certificate is needed to rent the space. Wherever you decide to park your houseboat, it is important to know where you can dump trash and how you will get needed services while out on the water.

Buying a houseboat can be quite confusing at first, but with these few guidelines it will help steer you in the right direction. Always have someone who is an expert with houseboats, come and inspect the boat before any negotiating. If you are buying from a private owner, beware of scams. Always make sure that everything on the houseboat is include in the sale. Before you know it, you will be relaxing on your houseboat with your family and friends.