Houseboat Accessories

Accessories For a Houseboat

Houseboats are much different than what they used to be like thirty years ago. They have become a luxurious way to live, away from the busy rush and lifestyle of the cities. In the houseboats manufactured today, there are many options for accessories and luxury items that would boggle most minds. Here is a look at the many types of new designs and accessories than can be found on houseboats.

Some of the most popular accessories on a houseboat include air conditioning, bigger beds, and walking space. Having air conditioning available to you on a hot day is priceless. It allows you to enjoy the summer sun on deck, but gives you a way to escape it. Some of the biggest complaints about a houseboat are how small the bed and living areas can be. Expanding these areas helps to make your boat feel spacious and not as crowded whenever you have guests.

Whenever you add these accessories to your houseboat, it can become quite expensive, but most boaters feel it is worth every penny. Adding accessories to your houseboat will add value to your boat even years after the fact. It will help to increase the resell value of your houseboat if you decide to sell.

The most luxurious houseboats can cost quite a lot of money, so what makes them so much? Well most of these boats include spacious living and eating areas. These houseboats make it feel as if you were on a large cruise ship rather than a private houseboat. Some of the most expensive boats have hot tubs, plasma televisions, and beautiful tile and stone floors. These types of houseboats are great for parties, large families, business meetings or as a second home.

Additional lighting is a good idea for those rooms that do not have a window to allow in the beautiful sun. Even rooms that have windows, you will need to have lighting for the night time. If you like an elegant style, then have floor lamps with beautiful metals and textures.

Another great accessory you may add to your houseboat is a water slide. These slides are attached to the side of your houseboat and have a water system to keep the slide wet. This can give your family endless hours of fun and excitement.

Houseboats have a huge variety of accessories available to them today. Check your local houseboat dealer to see what types of features can be added to your houseboat.