Hot Tub – Why do you need one

Why do you need to you buy a Hot Tub is the sixty four million dollar question.

Hot Tubs are of course fun and luxurious and I am sure we can all see our selves enjoying a Hot Tub with our friends and family.

Many people use a Hot Tub as a focal point in their Garden or on their terrace and it is a great place to chat and enjoy the company of your friends and family. They do, of course, make a great meeting place for the growing family whatever their age. While the idyllic picture that I am painting is a very real one there are of course real benefits that arise from owning a Hot Tub that go far beyond the social and entertainment side of things.

With the continual increases in stress levels coupled with the continual rising costs of medical care many people are quickly learning to embrace or should I say re-embrace natural healing such as Reflexology , Hydro massage and Hydrotherapy of all which can be obtained from a Hot Tub. Spas provide important hydrotherapy as a result of the principles of buoyancy, semi-buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and that lovely warm water.

With a Hot Tub you can benefit from the very many health benefits from your spa/hot tub for a lifetime – anytime you want – in the privacy and comfort of your home and not only that but of course, you can have great fun at the same time while you’re doing it by including your family and friends!

I think it is true to say that Stress increases on a daily basis and sometimes it is difficult even just finding a parking place or catching a train. With every day stress and tension placing pressure on your muscles and tendons and at the same time putting your and mind into endless knots?

What can you do? Well it is so simple to just slip in to a warm naturally bubbling hot tub for an instant dose of respite. Well the other sixty four million dollar question is how does it provide health benefits well to put it into simple terms the warm water provides heat which helps to dilate the blood vessels in the Human body. This will go a long way to help to reduce blood pressure.

This means that the flow of blood and with it comes oxygen and other nutrients whose flow is also increased and as a by product this helps to increase the elimination of poisons and toxins form the body.

The combination of warm water with jetted pulsating water and air jets provides a natural environment that is able to soothe the agitated mind and at the same time reduce aches and pains in the body such as stiffness in the joints and muscle soreness. Air Jets help to reduce blue veins in the lower legs and feet by increasing the blood flow in the area which is the furthest away from the Heart.

Not surprisingly, it has been suggested that by using a Hot Tub regularly say a few hours before going to bed that this greatly enhances the quality of ones sleep. It has also been reported in a Medical Journal that soaking for say 30 minutes every day can help reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

In summary I suppose that when you use a Hot Tub you have to put everything else on hold – even if only for a short time. Hopefully you will not get interrupted by your house phone or your cell phone and you will not be sitting at a computer or have your lap top on your lap!! That way your whole mind and body can relax and whilst pleasant music is nice when using a Hot Tub television, in my view, destroys the idea of relaxation.