Hot Spots In Rio De Janeiro

We all heard about Rio de Janeiro but why is this location so popular among tourists all over the world? What makes it so great and attractive? This article will guide you through the hottest places in Rio de Janeiro, must-see locations and other interesting places. So sit back and enjoy the ride:

The first thing to do in Rio de Janeiro is to go to the annual carnival. The long four days and four nights of the carnival in Rio are the lavish self-indulgent anything-goes exotic exhibitionist spectacle the world enjoys. They are the result of a long year planning, organizing and practicing. Be careful because the dates change from year to year so it highly advisable to check the schedule for Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival dates. To get to any of the carnival locations, you will need travel arrangements so you should compare and select flights from your local area. You can also browse for hotels and apartment rental agencies.

The next order of business: beaches! Here is only a small list of the most popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema, Copacabana, Barra, Leme, Leblon and Praia do Pepino. If you don’t like spending time at the beach maybe the nightlife will suit you better. If so, we advise you to visit Copacabana which is known for the exquisite night-life, or Ipanema, famous for the dance clubs, bars and also classical arts performances.

Maybe a game of football is just the right thing you need. If you find yourself in this position, the magic word is: Maracana. What is Maracana? It is one of the largest football/soccer stadiums in the entire world with seating for 100,000 people. Quite impressive, isn’t it? If you are a romantic person, taking the aerial tramway in late afternoon/evening to Sugarloaf for panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro, beaches and Guanabara Bay is the wise thing to do.

We will now offer you some other attractions that tourists should take into consideration if they plan on visiting Rio de Janeiro:

• Visit the Amsterdam Sauer Museum on Ipanema’s Diamond Row for a display of colorful gems and a replica of a mine;

• The Museo Carmen Miranda displays the singing star’s fabulous headdresses and baiana costumes;

• Acrive sports include the following: golf, hang-gliding, parachuting, cycling, bowling, diving, squash, tennis, water-skiing and windsurfing;

• For an aerial tour of Rio, taking a helicopter ride is the perfect way;

• At only 15 minutes from Copacabana, you can tour the jungle-like Parque Nacional de Tijuca;

• Take a walk on Praca Floriano in order to enjoy the samba musicians, outdoor cafes and make a quick stop at the Teatro Municipal – home of the opera, orchestra and beautiful architecture;

• If you find all the above exhausting and you are of legal age, sit back on one of the many terraces at Avenida Atlantica and relax with a refreshing Caipirinha and watch the entire world go by.

All in all, there is a lot to do in Rio de Janeiro if you know the right places to visit. You should take a guide into consideration if you plan your vacation in Rio, you won’t regret it, we are certain that you will have the time of your life in this beautiful location.