Host Your Birthday Party during Happy Hour to get the Best Value

Often, birthday parties become an expensive affair when they are spiced up with a mishmash of interesting varieties of dishes and top shelf liquor. Hence, hosting an extravagant birthday party, particularly in cities like New York, within your budget may sound difficult at first.

But, do you know that you can host an extravagant party, even on a tight budget? All you need to do is to look for the best happy hour deals to celebrate your birthday party.

Many bars, restaurants and clubs offer discounts during happy hours. During happy hours, you will have the privilege of celebrating your birthday at the hottest venue in the city at a preferred rate.

Get to know the best happy hour deal – with professional help
When planning to host a birthday party, look for the best happy hour venues and their schedule in your city. Searching through every restaurant, bar or club can be a long-drawn-out process. Hence, it is better to opt for a professional event management company that gives you the quick details of hottest venues and best deals. Apart from helping you find the best happy hour spot, some companies also provide expert advice and planning. Some also offer special services such as personal photographer, Limo service, etc. for your birthday party. Since they regularly deal with the venues hosting happy hours, they can also offer you special packages.

Food and drinks at cheaper rates
Now, you no longer need to drink at home or order just one drink and nurse it for the entire night to save money at your birthday party. You need not even compromise on your birthday menu list. You can relish top shelf liquor and a variety of dishes at cheaper rates during happy hours, which otherwise may cost you a fortune. Having an open bar to start the night will not exceed your budget – your friends and guests will have a memorable time.

Need not compromise on the guest list
Having everything going within your budget, you need not compromise on your guest list. Partying with the near and dear ones makes the event memorable for you and your guests. Remember, it may offend some if you don’t invite them. Hence, reach out to all your guests and invite them to your party.

Budget can be spent on other aspects of the party
Food and drinks along with the venue, amount for huge part of a birthday party budget. But happy hours reduce the spending on all these aspects making you save a whole lot, which can be best used by spending it on other things like arriving in style in your own stretch limo, or having your own photographer capture the entire night.

Birthday parties, needless to say, are special for every individual. Not many of us will like to compromise on anything while organizing this special event. With all these considerations, opt for happy hours to have a joyous birthday party within your budget.